Dutch to restrict e-cigarettes to over-18s

vaping with an electronic cigaretteThe cabinet will today slap a minimum age of 18 on electronic cigarettes in an effort to stop youngsters smoking, according to RTL news.

In addition, advertising e-cigarettes will be subject to the same rules as traditional tobacco products.

The changes are being incorporated into the Dutch laws on tobacco which will be discussed in Friday’s cabinet meeting, the broadcaster says.

The decision follows research by the public health organisation RIVM earlier this year which shows e-cigarettes are more dangerous than thought.

The chemicals included in the smoking mixture include nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol, aldehydes, nitrosamines and metals. Inhaling these can irritate and damage the airways, cause palpitations and increase the risk of cancers, the RIVM said. The RIVM is now researching the impact of e-cigarettes on passive smokers.