Dutch amusement park Walibi puts condoms on sale

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFamily amusement park Walibi Holland is selling condoms in its souvenir shops featuring the park’s slogan Hard Gaan, or Go Hard on the packaging.

Walibi, situated in Biddinghuizen in Flevoland province, told the Telegraaf there is a demand for condoms in its park. ‘We asked people last year what new products should be introduced and condoms came out top,’ marketing manager Marc Antonioli said. ‘That shows there is a demand among our target group, teenagers.’

Parents and local politicians are shocked. ‘It is bizarre that young children are confronted with contraceptive devices on a day out,’ Werner van Katwijk of the local parents’ association told the paper.

Jaap Oosterveld, of the ChristenUnie party in Dronten, the council area covering the park, says it is ‘very strange’ that a family amusement park is selling condoms. ‘A large part of the target group consists of primary school children who you do not want to expose to this product,’ he told the Telegraaf. ‘It is absolutely not part of our values.’

Oosterveld wants a meeting with Walibi to discuss the matter.

Other amusement parks are unlikely to follow Walibi’s lead, the paper says. At De Efteling in Noord-Brabant a spokesman told the paper if they wanted to please teenagers, they would build a new rollercoaster.