A new nuclear power station will be expensive, create few jobs: report

A second nuclear power station in the Netherlands will be expensive, create few jobs and its safety will be difficult to guarantee, according to a report by consultancy CE Delft for the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

MPs are due to debate expanding the Netherlands’ nuclear power base on Monday. The country currently has one nuclear power station at Borssele in Zeeland but the government plans to award a second licence.
The CE Delft report, quoted in the NRC, says government arguments in favour of a second power station are exaggerated. For example, far from creating a significant number of jobs, the project will only lead to around 150 positions for Dutch workers. Firms specialising in nuclear power tend to use outside contractors, the report says.
In addition, the power station is likely to be expensive to build because no government subsidies will be made available and bank loans are likely to be extra costly.