Joran van der Sloot admits ‘getting back’ at Holloway family

Joran van der Sloot has admitted getting money out of the family of Natalee Holloway, the American teenager who disappeared on the Caribbean island of Aruba a year ago, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.

In the interview, Van der Sloot said he wanted to ‘get back’ at the family. ‘Her parents have been spoiling my life for the past five years,’ Van der Sloot is quoted as saying in the Telegraaf.
‘When they offered to pay me for saying where the girl was, I thought ‘why not?’. I regret that now.’
The interview took place in the Castro Castro prison in Peru, where Van der Sloot faces charges of murdering a young Peruvian woman. He has been arrested and released twice in connection with Holloway’s disappearance.
The Telegraaf says Van de Sloot said he had asked the family for money in return for information about where the girl’s body can be found.
Her family paid €25,000 via a lawyer and Van de Sloot reportedly indicated a location on Aruba. He then went to Peru where he met Stephany Flores. Her body was found in a hotel room rented out in his name at the end of May.
A search of the location given by Van der Sloot – the foundations of a house – turned up nothing.
The US authorities have requested Van der Sloot’s extradition to face extortion charges.
In the short excerpt from the interview on the Telegraaf website, Van de Sloot says he has regular phone contact with his mother but that his brothers do not want to see him. He also says he teaches English to a couple of prison guards.
The full interview will be broadcast on Monday night.