Local elections 2018: Maastricht

Current council coalition: SPM, D66, SP, GroenLinks, VVD

Current council make-up:  CDA (7),  SPM (6), D66 (5), SP (5), GroenLinks (4), VVD (3), PvdA (3), PVM (2), MV (1), LPM (1) plus two splinter parties

Total number of voters:  101,801

Number of international voters: 12,579 or 12.4% – equivalent to almost five seats on the city council

2018 local election information in English

SP main goals (pdf)
PvdA manifesto summary
PvdA promotional video  
D66 statement

Other information
Maastricht city council will add an English letter to the envelope containing the voting ballot paper to inform all internationals about the upcoming election.