Thursday 19 May 2022

Dutch to expand regulated housing sector, limit for rent controls to rise

Dutch to expand regulated housing sector, limit for rent controls to rise

Housing minister Hugo de Jonge has confirmed he plans to expand rent controls to cover more Dutch housing, in an effort to boost the supply of affordable homes. In effect, the minister plans to hike the current maximum rent in the rent-controlled sector from €763 per month to between €1,000 and €1,250 – the exact figure will be decided later. ‘Many people cannot find affordable housing or face housing costs which are too high,’ De Jonge said.  ‘This is why... More >

Tenants warned to expect big utility bills

Tenants paying inclusive rents could be hit with extra bills for service costs in the coming months as energy prices rise. The rental regulator Huurcommissie said landlords were legally entitled to claim back any excess costs above the amount included in the monthly rent package. ‘The costs of energy are going through the roof and because they are often hidden in the service costs, we expect many tenants to be presented with large bills when the annual balance is calculated... More >

Up to €100,000 for Westland home buyers

People living in the municipality of Westland near Rotterdam may soon be able to get council help to buy a property, thanks to a special council fund. The local authority is putting €20 million into the fund which will be used to buy the land which houses are built on – saving around a third of the price of a home, local broadcaster Omroep West said on Monday. In total, the council hopes to help around 200 first time buyers... More >

Fewer rental homes added to housing stock

The number of new rental properties added to Dutch housing stock fell 9% last year, when compared with 2020, as the mounting cost of workers and material lead developers to delay projects, ABN Amro said in a new analysis of the housing market. While most new rental homes were realised in Amsterdam, the total in the capital was just 2,965, while in Utrecht, only 676 new rental properties came on the market. In the Netherlands as a whole, nearly 23,000... More >

More million euro homes in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has an increasing number of homes valued at more than €1 million and they now account for 3% of the total housing stock, according to real estate data company Calcasa. ‘At the end of 2013, just 15,000 homes were worth more than €1 million but this has now gone up to 143,000,’ Calcasa said on Wednesday. The total rose by 70% last year, and that is the biggest percentual increase since the company started keeping records. Most million... More >

Fewer investors bought houses in 2021

Investors bought fewer homes in 2021 than the year before, the first time in eight years that the trend has declined, new land registry figures show. The number of transactions fell from 88,000 in 2020 – almost double the previous year’s total – to 51,000. The Dutch land registry said the figures reflected a rush to buy property in the last quarter of 2020 before the property transfer tax was raised by 1% for investors. The reform was designed to... More >