Friday 23 April 2021

No let up in house price rises as supply shrinks and rural areas beckon

No let up in house price rises as supply shrinks and rural areas beckon

  The number of homes on the market is the lowest since real estate agents association NVM began keeping the figures in 1995, the organisation said on Thursday. Mid February, there were just 17,500 homes for sale in the Netherlands, and that means buyers have very little choice, the NVM said. As a consequence, house prices continue to rise and have now reached an average €433,000 for a newly-built property and €385,000 for an existing home. Prices in the first... More >

More new homes sold, prices rise 8.7%

The price of new homes in the Netherlands rose 8.7% in the final quarter of 2020, in line with developments earlier in the year, national statistics agency CBS said. In total, developers sold 10,744 newly-built homes in the final three months of the year, nearly 54% up on the same period in 2019. This was the first quarter in which more than 10,000 new home were sold since the final three months of 2017, the CBS said. Developers sold 32,200... More >

Housing rents fall in Amsterdam

Rents outside the social housing sector fell in some cities in the fourth quarter of last year, according to figures from real estate agents’ organisation NVM. Although nationwide, non-rent controlled sector rents rose 4%, in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, for example, there has been a visible decline in rents in the more expensive segments, the NVM said. This, the organisation said, is because coronavirus travel restrictions have reduced the number of new international workers arriving in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, rents... More >

Private investors snap up more housing

Private investors bought up over a third of the homes which came up for sale in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht last year, according to research by television consumer programme Kassa. In total, 700,000 of the eight million homes in the Netherlands are owned by private investors, who rent them out. The investors range from private individuals with a couple of homes as a pension to large domestic and foreign investors with thousands of houses. Private investors were particularly... More >

Court tears up Airbnb rental ban

Amsterdam city council was acting illegally when it banned home owners in parts of the city centre from renting out their properties to tourists, Amsterdam’s administrative court have decided. The case was brought by lobby group Amsterdam Gastvrij, which represents home owners who use Airbnb and other online rental agencies. Spokesman Tim Klein Haneveld told the Parool he was pleased with the verdict but that he was not surprised. ‘We had serious doubts about the legal justification for the ban... More >

‘Villa tax’ hits four times more homes

House price rises mean that ever more home owners are having to pay the ‘villa tax’ for homes estimated at more than €1,110,000, according to home owners’ association Verenging Eigen Huis. The value of Dutch homeowners’ property is guessed each year by local councils, based on actual sale prices for surrounding homes. Those that are given a ‘WOZ’ council value of more than €1.11 million see part of their income tax rise dramatically. In the complex Dutch tax system, there... More >