Saturday 26 November 2022

Postcast: The Taming of the Wolf

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of drop, gin and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer This week we look at two instances of climate activism in the Netherlands and ask why the superglue does not seem to work. Asylum minister Eric van der Burg’s troubles continue as local councils give him yet another ultimatum about sorting out the mess of where refugees should sleep. We look at why local tax officials in... More >

‘There’s freedom here to be yourself'

Californian-born artist and painter-decorator Sharma Peterson (52) has lived in the Netherlands more than half her life and has dual nationality. She loves the Netherlands for its gun control laws and goofy comedy, and likes getting lost among the wonderful people and streets of Amsterdam. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I met a guy in a bar in California and it turned out he was Dutch and he was going to be in California for a few months... More >

Has Halloween invaded Holland?

Some people love it, others loathe it, but it looks like Halloween might finally be here to stay in the Netherlands. Here’s a look at the history of the holiday and its lantern-carrying ‘rivalry’ with Sint Maarten. Every October, big orange pumpkins start showing up at the weekend markets. Shop displays full of witches and ghosts line the front windows of at least a few stores along the high street. Scary movies like Halloween Ends and Smile start sneaking onto... More >

How to feel at home in The Hague

The Feel at Home Fair returns to The Hague next month with a new location, new approach and an action-packed line up of clubs, societies and entertainment. The latest edition of the Feel at Home Fair, back after a two year hiatus, is focused entirely on the community and, the organisers say, will strengthen the links between The Hague’s internationals and the city itself. ‘It is terrific to be back after two years,’ says Maureen Overdevest, manager of The Hague... More >

Podcast: The Perishing Parrots Edition

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of drop, gin and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer Wopke Hoekstra says Netherlands needs a ‘constructive’ relationship with gas-rich Qatar as he rejects parliament’s calls to boycott the upcoming World Cup. Let’s hope the relationship is constructed more carefully than the stadiums for the tournament, which cost the lives of thousands of migrant workers. Asylum minister Erik van der Burg is caught between a rock and... More >

There is no standard expat mortgage

Rising interest rates and changes in the official regulations may have an impact on whether or not you can get a mortgage. Financial advisor José de Boer has the lowdown. There was little new in last month’s budget for home buyers – although the government is increasing the transfer tax on buy to let properties from 8% to 10.4%. It has also decided that first time buyers up to the age of 35 will not have to pay transfer tax... More >

How to get teenagers to read books

With herfstvakantie (autumn vacation) upon us, looking for ways to get your t(w)eens to read more? Or at all? Lauren Comiteau looks at how #Booktok changed her—and her daughters’—lives. As a lifelong reader, I always found it disheartening that my daughters didn’t take to the written word. They inherited other, less desirable behavioral traits, but despite years of bedtime Shel Silverstein poems and Judy Blume books, reading seemed as alien as doing the dishes. So, when I started working with... More >

Exhibition celebrates queen Juliana's life

Queen Juliana (1909-2004) of the Netherlands reigned through a period of great change and turmoil, but the people kept her close to their hearts. A lavish exhibition opening In Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk on Saturday tells her story. In 1948, beset by bad health, queen Wilhelmina (1880-1962) abdicated. She was succeeded by her only child, 39-year-old Juliana. Warm and unencumbered by formality, the popular queen heralded a new era that saw the royal family brought closer to the people, earning her... More >

Podcast: The For Rutte's Eyes Only Edition

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of drop, gin and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer Inflation will stay high until next year, house prices are cooling and there’s a wave of bankruptcies on the way. 2023 looks like a good year to hide under the bedsheets, which might have inspired one prisoner this week to execute a traditional-style escape. The Groningen gas inquiry continues, but not even the collective force of a... More >

Is now the time to buy a home?

A round-up of the latest housing news, brought to you by Expat Mortgages. House prices and interest rates There are now real signs that the overheated Dutch housing market is cooling down, as interest rates rise and buyers are faced with less borrowing capacity. So should you still be taking the plunge? Interest rates have more than doubled since the start of the year and you will now pay over 4% for a 10-year fixed rate mortgage. That might seem... More >

Amsterdam's role in creating Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction was released 28 years ago on Friday,  so what better time to take a look at the part Amsterdam played in the blockbuster crime flick’s creation. Pulp Fiction was first released in American cinemas in October of 1994 and quickly became the first ‘indie’ film to earn over $100 million at the US box office. Despite its shocking violence and offensive dialogue, it became a cultural juggernaut that later inspired countless knockoffs and parodies. Everyone who... More >

Is Amsterdam still a tolerant city?

In 2018, former councillor Tjakko Dijk laid down a challenge. Concerned that in ‘our city, the dear and lovely Amsterdam, it’s difficult for me to kiss another man on the street, or walk hand in hand with him,’ he called in local paper The Parool for a debate on tolerance. Tolerance, that famous Dutch quality, was being replaced in his view by intolerance. And he urged the city to do something about it. Four years later, delayed by pandemic and... More >

Go on an adventure in Arnhem

Cinema legend Audrey Hepburn once called Arnhem home and the city is perhaps best known for its famous bridge. However, the capital of Gelderland has more than that to offer visitors in search of a weekend trek that’s a bit off the beaten path. First things first: a trip to the John Frostbrug might not be worth the effort. A walk along the Nederrijn river in Arnhem will lead you past a few cafes, several interesting street art murals, and... More >

Fake news, cannibalism and a human tongue

An exhibition at The Hague’s Historisch Museum focuses on one of the most turbulent events in Dutch history and includes propaganda and a preserved human tongue among its highlights. The ‘disaster year’ of 1672 is best known for the rapid and brutal downfall of the De Witt brothers, who had governed the United Provinces of the Netherlands for the best part of two decades. At the start of the year Johan de Witt was the most powerful man in the... More >

Podcast: The Curse of Henk Krol Edition

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of drop, gin and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer Johan Remkes, the government’s polder tsar, works his magic again as Dutch farmers cautiously welcome his plan to buy out up to 600 of the biggest nitrogen polluters – essentially the same plan that sparked two years of furious protest. There seems little hope of reconciliation between Khadija Arib and her successor as chair of parliament, Vera... More >

Where to eat sushi in Amsterdam

Sushi of all stripes is having its moment in the Dutch culinary spotlight. The Amsterdam Foodie is here to sort the sashimi from the uramaki. While sushi has been available in Amsterdam for at least a couple of decades, it always flew a little under the radar. Unlike ramen or tacos, it was never a trending topic on Amsterdam’s food scene. But now, sushi seems to be having a moment. You’ll still find the traditional sushi restaurants serving fresh sashimi... More >

Online integration course for B1 launched

With the government planning to up its Dutch language requirements for integration, Inburgering Online is extending its popular online exam preparation courses to include B1. We find out more. A good grasp of Dutch, believe the Dutch government, is key to successfully integrating in the Netherlands and increasing your chance of finding work. They therefore intend to increase from A2 to B1 the language level tested in the Inburgering (integration) exams. For more information about what applies to your personal... More >

12 great things to do in October

Autumn is upon us, so what better thing to do that check out the highlights of the October cultural calendar. Judge a book by its cover Gloomy predictions about the inability of youngsters today to retain even a smidgeon of what they ‘read’ have been proliferating, as they do each year. High time to drag your sprogs to the Stedelijk Museum which is displaying the the best looking books of 2021 because, let’s face it, a nice pic helps. The... More >