Monday 22 July 2019

How easy is it to follow a partner to NL?

Did you move to the Netherlands when your partner got a job or was posted here, or did you come here for love? If so, ICAP needs your help. We all know someone who has moved to the Netherlands to be with a partner and has struggled with visa requirements, or who is still trying to slot into the jobs market. ICAP, the International Community Advisory Platform, is trying to find out more about the experiences of the partners of... More >

The wolf is back, please let it stay

Peaceful co-existence between wolves and sheep farmers is possible, says regional director Europe at International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Joep van Mierlo. It was Omroep Gelderland that bagged the scoop on May 19th: a wolf pair had settled in the Netherlands for the first time in over a century. The two were spotted in the Veluwe national park. The news was greeted with whoops of delight by many but the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is afraid that... More >

Donald Duck still going strong in NL

You wouldn’t say so to look at him but Donald Duck is 85. The irate duck, full name Donald Fauntleroy Duck, was born on June 9, 1934 and in 1952 Donald Duck, ‘the happiest weekly of the Netherlands’ started life. The weekly comic is still, apparently, the biggest selling publication in the country. Since then millions, children and adults alike, have enjoyed the (mis)adventures of Donald, who, after many years residency in this country has become more popular here than... More >

Dutch destinations: a weekend in Walcheren

Walcheren was once an island but a dam, several bridges and a lot of reclaimed land have put paid to that. Today, it is at the heart of Zeeland, with beaches, pretty villages to visit and plenty of things to see and do, whatever your age. Beaches seem to be a key part of so many of’s destination guides – hardly surprising when you consider the length of the coastline, and how easy it is to get to from... More >

Podcast – Park the Bike In Our DMs Edition

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of dog food and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer This week we look at how a rogue news agency flapping its wings stirred up an international media storm about a Dutch teenage girl’s death. We also bring you news of some real storms that exposed one of the country’s largest cocaine labs, Ivanka Trump flying into The Hague to near-universal disappointment, two healthy developments in football... More >

Noa Pothoven's misreported death

When the phone rang on a Tuesday afternoon with a blocked number, I knew it was London. Sure enough, The Daily Telegraph had been calling me, asking me to check out a story. Even to the English news editor, who doesn’t speak the tricky language of Dutch, there was something off about the unbylined, 12-paragraph story from the Central European News agency. ‘This depressed 17-year-old girl who was raped as a young child and who felt she could no longer... More >

Wynia's Week: Refugees need to work

  The government’s strategy to get refugees into work needs an overhaul, says columnist Syp Wynia. Some four years ago, a wave of asylum seekers, among whom many Syrians, reached Western European shores to the reassuring noises of a few well-known Dutch personalities and various people in authority. Syrians, they said, were highly educated and would be an asset to Dutch society. The highest asylum centre chief predicted ‘an enormous empowerment for the Netherlands’. On the whole, in reality Syrians... More >

'I am here for the international flavour'

Keen kite surfer Rune Theill is the chief executive and co-founder of start-up incubator and hub Rockstart. A Danish national, he loves Dutch boating culture even though his own boat sank and he has pledged to really learn Dutch this year. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I was invited to join Rockstart by Don Ritzen, who is one of the other founders. We had met each other through the entrepreneurial network Startup Weekend in 2011 and later... More >

Amity opens new Amstelveen senior school

Can Amsterdam keep up with the demand for international school places? Amity’s new senior school is a step in the right direction. Time flies when you are a parent and before you know it your children are senior school age. Almost half of all expats in the Netherlands are now staying for longer than five years and the parents among them face a competitive market when seeking places for their children in an international secondary school. Boomtowns like Amstelveen, near... More >

Blogwatching: Stepping out of the bubble

Kristen in Clogland is a blog about an Aussie discovering the Netherlands, travel and adjusting to life in another country. Our family has a big change on the horizon. This time it’s not an international move, it’s a change of schools. Not just your average school move. Our two kids will be moving from the international school system to the Dutch education system. This is no small change, it was an extremely difficult decision for us to make and we... More >

DutchNews Podcast: Whales and Pepper Spray

  If you’d like to back us on Patreon please follow this link – we’ll give you a shout-out and let you ask the podcast team a question. We ask the hard-hitting questions on this week’s podcast. What happened in the Eerste Kamer elections? Why are the Hell’s Angels so upset this week? How will Sinterklaas arrive next year? Does Brabant really smell like anise? And, in the discussion, is anyone at the EU riding a dragon? Ophef of the... More >

12 great things to do in June

Festivals, exploring the great outdoors and an exhibition of traditional fishermen’s jumpers – there is something for everyone in June. Reconnoitre some Rotterdam roofs It is not often the public are given the chance to get on top of important and iconic buildings but once a year, during the Rotterdam Open Roof Days, you will be spoilt for choice. Here’s your chance to explore the roofs of Rotterdam, learn about the buildings themselves and enjoy the skyline of a great... More >

Gas, power, internet? Ask PartnerPete

So, you’ve got the job, you’ve found a new place to live and you are ready to get stuck into a new challenge. But what about internet, gas and electricity – those tedious but everyday essentials which can easily get forgotten? In the Netherlands, you have a myriad of gas, electricity and internet companies to chose from, all offering you what they say are great deals, green energy and super-fast download times. It takes a lot of time and effort... More >

Wynia's Week: The EU election results

Populist parties were wiped out and the PvdA topped the polls, but it would be easy to be wrong-footed by the Dutch results of the EU elections, writes columnist Syp Wynia. In last week’s European elections, the PvdA bagged the biggest win while the CDA and VVD managed a decent score. The populist parties on the left and right (SP and PVV) were wiped out and Forum voor Democratie got fewer votes than expected. GroenLinks won and D66 lost. It... More >

When school’s out, holiday camp is in

The school bell goes, and the long, long weeks of summer holiday stretch ahead. Great news for kids, but what about the parents who need to juggle work, households and – eventually – the inevitable complaint of ‘I’m bored!’? One option is summer camp. For children from 4 to 12, who can’t go away for a whole week at overnight camp, there is still a great variety of day long multi-activity and themed programmes filled with activities and field trips... More >

Free Morgan foundation in court again

On Wednesday, the highest Dutch administrative court will hear legal arguments in the case of the wild-born orca know as Morgan, who was captured in the Wadden Sea and now languishes in Spanish tourist attraction. The Dutch government is to blame for her plight, say Matthew Spiegl and Dr Ingrid N Visser. Infringement of EU law  – including wildlife law – undermines the very foundation of the union. When acts of infringement are alleged, they must be acknowledged, addressed and... More >

Podcast: The Hipster Santa Claus Edition

In this week’s podcast we try to unravel the logic behind the European election debate featuring two men who weren’t in the running but not the leader of the winning party, the blunder that led to hundreds of children being sent to the wrong secondary school, and the end-of-season football relegation play-offs. Duncan Laurence’s Eurovision victory inspires an archetypal Dutch discussion about splitting the bill, Erik Wiebes triggers rumblings of discontent in Groningen and another VVD minister, Mark Harbers, resigns... More >

Wynia's Week: of taxation and inflation

The Dutch government knows how to look after itself but is leaving its citizens out of pocket, writes commentator Syp Wynia. The third Mark Rutte-led government is still failing to deliver on spending power.  Supermarket prices and energy bills are rising faster than wages. Taxes have been mounting to a record high, resulting in budget surpluses and rapidly diminishing government debt. Meanwhile the economy is showing signs of fatigue before people have even started to enjoy the fruits of its... More >