Friday 14 August 2020

Dutch News Podcast - Sluisje McSluisface

There’s a lot of outrage on this week’s podcast. At the beheading of André Hazes. At lockdown measures. At a change to ID cards. But most of the podcast’s outrage is directed at the inadequate compensation for nazi snitches. And while the CDA leadership election wasn’t rigged, we do try to influence another election by encouraging you to vote for Sluisje McSluisface. Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of dog food and stroopwafels healthy? Click here... More >

To rent: A Rotterdam room with a view

Finding an affordable place to live in, or to share with friends, is not always easy, but a new development in the heart of Rotterdam’s river area is about to open up to tenants – offering light, airy apartments at decent prices, and even weekly yoga classes.  WEST507 by The FIZZ, located on Westzeedijk 507 in Delfshaven, is a building full of character and charm. It was built in 1909 as offices and warehouses for Dutch industrial family Stokvis, known... More >

'I'm not Dutch enough to eat herring'

Slovak Viktória Pikovská (24) came to Rotterdam in 2016 as an exchange student and is now CEO of art company Victory Art, helping fellow Eastern European artists find a market for their work in the Netherlands. She’s making good progress with the Dutch language but can’t ever see herself eating herring. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I was a student in Prague studying at the Charles University, but at some point I felt like I needed more... More >

'We are a truly pro-European business'

Big changes are on the horizon within the EU when it comes to fiscal frameworks, says Accordance VAT’s chief executive Lucy Franklin.  From the company’s Amsterdam office, she and the rest of the team are helping clients across the Netherlands and the UK to gear up to deal with the political and economic shake-ups ahead. You opened your office here in October 2018. As a British company, what challenges have you encountered operating in the Netherlands? Moving to a new... More >

Blogwatching: A Brazilian expat

Laura Alvarado is a Mexican woman who moved to the Netherlands for love. She writes and shares her experiences as someone reinventing herself while integrating on Dutch In Translation. She also interviews other internationals about their experiences. In this post, Alvarado speaks to Eliana Martt, who grew up in the north southeast of Brazil and now owns a hairdressing salon in Eindhoven.  It’s December 2018. Andrey and Eliana land in Eindhoven and find a nice home, close to Parktheater and... More >

If you can’t bin it, (self) store it

Have you been reorganising your home while stuck in the house these past weeks, but can’t bear the thought of throwing out that old table or all those books? A storage box could just be the answer.  The Netherlands is a small country with small city homes to match. Perhaps you are between homes, downsizing, or have left the Marie Kondo course early: having sorted out the stuff you no longer want you cannot bring yourself to get rid of... More >

Podcast: The Brexit Muppet Returns Edition

The lockdown has eased to the point where we can focus on less distressing subjects than a global pandemic. So we’ve put together a podcast packed with news of slavery, institutional racism and Brexit. One of Groningen’s favourite sons comes home to revive the city’s footballing fortunes. New laws come into force on paternity leave, organ donation and holiday letting. And there’s a spike in popcorn sales as three seat snatchers set up yet another political party. Want to support... More >

13 great things to do in July

The summer holidays are with us, but there is still plenty of things to do in your spare time – from a comedy show, to ‘wild swimming’ and spotting dinosaurs. Have a laugh Boom Chicago in Amsterdam is opening its doors again on July 4th with a new improved corona-proof package of improv comedy, a live DJ on most nights and food and drink to boot. The venue is also asking friends and relatives and anyone else who enjoys a... More >

A tot-to-teen education at the BSN

The British School in the Netherlands’ new senior school in The Hague is taking on its first Year 9s in September. We find out why the Leidschenveen campus is so popular with international parents. On a school rooftop in The Hague, a basketball court is being built. It’s the latest in exciting facilities being added to the British School in the Netherlands’ stunning new senior school, which opened on its Leidschenveen campus in 2018. In combination with private day care... More >

Serviced apartments: corona proof holidays

The summer holidays are coming and corona infections have slowed down – so why not book a staycation to get to know the Netherlands a little better? Normally, business service apartments are full of corporate customers but one advantage of the travel crisis is that these super-clean, modern spaces are now being offered to the leisure market – and at prices that are sometimes even cheaper than staying in a hotel. ‘Serviced apartments are perfect in corona time – they... More >

Shake it off: the new corona body language

‘From this moment, we will not be shaking hands any more!’ prime minister Mark Rutte told the nation on March 9. Fifteen minutes later, he jovially shook the hand of RIVM public health institute director Dr Jaap van Dissel. When Van Dissel pointed out his mistake, Rutte laughed it off, demonstrated an elbow bump and then led Van Dissel away with an arm around his shoulder. Three months later body language experts point out, that just like Rutte, we are... More >

Podcast: The Canals are Cancelled Edition

As the threat of coronavirus fades and the temperature rises, the podcast team ponders the new normal. Will packed train carriages lead to a second wave? Will any of the political leadership contests this summer descend into civil war? Are Amsterdam’s canals less culturally significant than ‘that Oranje feeling’? How will football fans be stopped from singing in stadiums? Will there finally be a solution to the EU’s Strasbourg problem? And which will be finished first: the coronavirus ‘track and... More >

I also love the al fresco dining'

Elwyn Jones is a retired geography teacher from the UK who will be celebrating his 82nd birthday later this year. He currently lives in Heerlen with his partner, loves country restaurants, and would like to discuss politics with Mark Rutte.  How did you end up in the Netherlands? The town I left was Swansea, and that’s where I chose to live when I retired from my teaching post in London. It’s got the sea, it’s got hills, and it’s a... More >

Give your kids have a summer to remember

Summer is a time for rest, but also for exploration, sparking joy and building friendships. The run-up to summer has been very different this year, so the prospect of a long summer holiday may not be as exciting as usual – but Zein Holiday Activity Camps have the answer…! Zein offers a wide variety of day-long multi-activity and themed holiday camp programmes that allow children aged 4-12 to have fun, learn new skills, discover their talents, and make a few... More >

The tourists have returned to Amsterdam

During lockdown, Deborah Nicholls-Lee has enjoyed the peace and quiet in Amsterdam’s city centre. Now as the city opens up, she braces herself for change. I think I saw tourists the other day. A young couple in summer prints dragging large wheelie cases, pausing on the brow of a canal bridge to squint into a mobile phone. I’ve been surveying quiet, slumbering Amsterdam for tourists ever since the lockdown began to lift; eyeing suspiciously anyone cycling clumsily on matching bikes... More >

Podcast: The Kapsalon Acid Test Edition

In a week of cancellations, we bring you possibly the most distressing story ever to feature on the podcast. Wopke Hoekstra cancels himself as the next prime minister, the cup final is finally abandoned and Thierry Baudet causes ophef with his itinerant boreal bouquet. In better news, circle parties are saved from oblivion as Hema finds a buyer. We also bring you up to speed with the lifting of the lockdown as Europe’s campsites brace themselves for the return of... More >

Losing your job in the time of Covid-19

There’s not much worse than facing dismissal, except perhaps for losing your job now in the current crisis. Companies are failing, jobs are scarcer, and just getting to an interview is more complicated. As an expat, the threat to residence makes this an even bigger issue. So, if the worst happens, here’s what you need to know about your legal rights and options. As the impact of the lockdown increases, redundancy is becoming more common. The new government subsidy no... More >

The Dutch need to stand their ground in EU

The coronavirus crisis is generating orgies of spending all over the world, including and particularly in Europe. Brussels is only too keen to get in on the act. It’s time the Dutch do what the Danes do, says columnist Syp Wynia. As other crises have shown, the cry of ‘the end of Europe’ is sure to end in more ‘Europe’ and more money and power for the offices and meeting rooms of Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Angela Merkel, who... More >