Sunday 17 January 2021

Have a merry crisis Christmas

Brandon Hartley has spent the last several months dealing with a mouse-infestation at his house when he’s not stuck on NS trains with canoodling couples. Needless to say, he’s very much looking forward to the end of the Covid 19 crisis. Here’s how his holiday season has been going. ‘Twas a week before Christmas, and all through the Netherlands, plenty of creatures were stirring, even the mice! I’m writing these words in my living room about a metre from where... More >

Noël place like home. Travelling for Xmas?

So, will you be spending the holiday season abroad with family or have you already bought your kerststol and kransjes for a traditional Dutch Christmas here in the Netherlands? reports on how the corona crisis is shaping the winter holiday plans of international residents in the Netherlands. Do not travel abroad unless it’s essential, the Dutch government has urged, stressing that holidays and family visits are not. Instead, we are encouraged to stay here in the Netherlands, gather round... More >

The arts are coming home for Christmas

Bring the arts into your home this holiday season with digital options from some of the best cultural providers in the world. Whether you are looking for the festive cheer of a traditional British panto or if you want to explore a museum from your armchair, we have some top tips to help you stay full of cheer. Watch Marquee TV – This subscription based performing arts platform helps arts providers bring in much needed funds while the theatres are... More >

Papa John's Christmas deal backs charity

Traditionally, we think more about turkey at Christmas than pizza…but orders are up by 20% year on year at Papa John’s and the chain is keen to give something back. This year, the chain is partnering with the Dutch Red Cross, and inviting hungry diners to donate €1 of their pizza deal to the charity’s food bank appeal – which the chain will then double. ‘All shoppers can donate to the charity,’ said a spokesman. ‘The festive season is a period... More >

Dutch cinemas versus the Covid-19 crisis

Cinemas all over the world are wrapping up their most difficult year in decades and in the Netherlands are once again closed to the public. Here’s how several film festivals and theatres in the Netherlands are fairing in a winter of uncertainty. On an afternoon in early November, the front of the Trianon Cinema in Leiden looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic horror movie. Any other year, its displays would be full of posters for big-budget Christmastime releases like... More >

DutchNews podcast – AMA bonus episode

Our special Ask Me Anything was recorded in the summer in the innocent, carefree days before the second wave. We tackled your questions on why the Dutch were being so mean to the Italians, the price of Trouby’s dog food and Belgian architecture. We also try to rank flavours of drop and Dutch ice-cream flavours, which makes us wish coronavirus would take away our sense of taste. And you can enjoy Paul’s reflections on going to see the worst Dutch... More >

'Layering is surely a Dutch invention'

Italian theatre maker and opera singer Carla Regina (51) performs all over the world but has made Amsterdam her base for the last 20 years. Though used to being the prima donna onstage, offstage she loves the Dutch refusal to make a melodrama over small things but does think they could dress up a bit more for special occasions. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I came here for two reasons. I finished my studies in at the... More >

The over-60s moving to the Netherlands

‘I seem to be always reading about young people relocating to the Netherlands, but I feel like us over 60s are not around,’ a reader told earlier this year. ‘Does anyone relocate this late in life?’ we wondered, and decided to find out. ‘I feel like I’m a rare breed,’ Debbie Akkerdaas wrote in October. The 64-year-old moved to Zeeland from the US in 2014 to seek cancer treatment for her Dutch husband. She describes the Netherlands as ‘a... More >

Podcast: Jesus Take The Avocado Edition

We’ve got a Christmas games and puzzles edition of the podcast to wrap up the year. Hugo de Jonge leaves the rest of the CDA playing Exploding Kittens for a new leader following his unexpected departure. The government continues to play whack-a-mole with the coronavirus pandemic as infections increase. The ChristenUnie tries a new opening gambit by including contraceptives in the basic healthcare package. And there’s the riddle of the metal monolith that materialised from nowhere in Friesland. Want to... More >

16 Dutch words which only sound English

The Dutch are very good at inventing both wonderful and useful words. Take horeca, for example – what better word could you have to describe the HOtel, REstaurant and CAfe industry. Or take any of the words that end up nominated for the various new words of the year competitions for that matter However, some English and English-sounding words words have entered the Dutch vocabulary which don’t mean quite what you might think. Here are some to watch out for.... More >

Blogwatching: My experience learning Dutch

Hannah Marie is a Los Angeles native who writes about the adventures (and struggles) of navigating this country, the language and all things Dutch on her blog, Charmingmarie.  Before moving to the Netherlands I worried constantly about learning Dutch. I had visited numerous times enough to know that Dutch is not the easiest language to master (yet alone pronounce). I moved to Amsterdam last year and my friends and colleagues assured me that it wasn’t necessary since everyone spoke English.... More >

Podcast: The Bond Villain Window Edition

We throw the spotlight on the bureaucratic vices of intransigence and incompetence in this week’s podcast. We take an in-depth look at the parliamentary inquiry into the child benefits system, which left thousands of families financially and emotionally ruined when they were wrongly tagged as fraudsters. There’s a whole lot of voting going on as Forum voor Democratie hold a referendum on Thierry Baudet’s leadership and the annual celebration of shopping-mall wallpaper that is the Top 2000 kicks off. We... More >

Stop cleaning, welcome a Helpling hand

Had enough of both working from home and dealing with domestic duties? Are you spending your Saturdays sweeping up? Or are the cobwebs under the cupboard getting just a bit too visible. This might be the right time to take the plunge and find a cleaner. ‘There are many nicer things to do than spend your time cleaning,’ says Michelle van Os, managing director of Helpling, an online marketplace which has been connecting households in the Netherlands with reputable cleaners... More >

'We need more women leaders in tech'

A senior executive at one of the world’s largest tech giants says we urgently need more female leaders to usher in tomorrow’s digital era. Catherine Chen, Huawei corporate senior vice president and director of the board, told one of the world’s largest technology conferences that correcting the gender imbalance in senior industry roles is key if we are to build a diverse and inclusive digital economy. Chen, who has 26 years’ experience in the tech industry, said that women have... More >

Collaboration powers the digital era

Huawei’s chairman Liang Hua has told attendees at Europe’s most important digital conference that new technology can drive a fairer future for everyone. In his keynote speech at Web Summit, Liang Hua said he was looking forward to a ‘new era of intelligence’ based on innovation and collaboration. ‘Digital innovation is taking us to a new era of intelligence. A smarter, better, and greener life is on the horizon,’ he said. ‘Many disruptive technologies will be the driving force. Connectivity... More >

'Now why would I want to leave?'

Julia Skupchenko grew up in Russia and first came to the Netherlands to work for Shell. She now manages a non-profit, enjoys performing live music, and would like to one day meet queen Maxima. How did you end up in the Netherlands? Eight years ago, at an international conference in Norway where I was presenting my master’s research on oil and gas development in the Arctic, I was scouted by Shell to work on communications and third-party advocacy for their... More >

14 great things to do in December

There are plenty of Christmassy things to see and do this month, despite coronavirus. Here’s a list of suggestions. Listen in on an online relationship talk You could be forgiven for thinking that The Churchill Complex is what has been ailing Boris Johnson but it is, in fact, the title of Dutch historian Ian Buruma’s new book. The John Adams Institute has invited him to give a talk about the Special Relationship which sprung up between America and Great Britain... More >