Tuesday 19 October 2021

Podcast: Hexit Pursued By A Rhino Edition

D66 leader Sigrid Kaag will be spending more time with Johan Remkes after she resigned over the chaotic operation to evacuate Kabul. Remkes’s task of forming a new coalition became more complicated as the ChristenUnie and Labour played significant parts in Kaag’s downfall. The cabinet abolished the 1.5 metre society and set up the Corona Check Club, despite loud protestations from the hospitality industry. Max Verstappen proved a pain in the neck for Lewis Hamilton at Monza while taxi app... More >

Understanding Dutch tax boxes and more

When you land in the Netherlands, you aren’t just dealing with a different language, employer and queuing etiquette – ­you also have to deal with the Belastingdienst. The Dutch tax office, or Belastingdienst, has been making efforts to employ more of a ‘personal’ approach, which will be good news for expats. Nowadays, there’s a comprehensive set of English pages at www.government.nl about everything from the basics of the income tax system to coronavirus support measures for business. But tax advisers... More >

'Everyone goes out when the sun shines'

Gary Brown grew up in a small town in Britain before relocating to London and eventually Amsterdam. He and his partner now run Tails of the City, a popular pet care service, he likes the way the Dutch dress casually and has never seen a fight here in seven years. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I moved here in June 2014. I was offered a promotion with my former employer. At the time, I had just come... More >

Afghan refugee crisis – How to help

Following the Taliban coup in August and forty years of conflict in Afghanistan, there are now an estimated six million displaced Afghans.  If you are wondering how you can help, here are a few ideas. Donate The simplest way to help is to make a donation to fund existing projects supporting the needs of Afghans inside and outside Afghanistan and helping to create a safe passage for Afghans endangered by the new regime. The Red Cross is helping to protect... More >

Podcast: The Grategate Edition

There are three levels of crisis in the Netherlands: moderate, severe and ‘call Johan Remkes’. The self-styled Plumber of Groningen has given himself a month to unclog the blockage in the coalition negotiations, which has grown fatter this week following Sigrid Kaag’s gossamer-veiled attack on Mark Rutte. Despite warnings from viral experts that coronavirus infections are set to rise as we move into autumn, Hugo de Jonge still plans to relax the pandemic restrictions later this month. There’s plenty of... More >

A virtual office is a freelancer boost

Working from home and in need of an occasional office, or would you like a virtual company address to keep cold callers at bay? There are plenty of reasons for a small business owner to opt for a registration address. As a freelancer or owner of a small firm, you are probably used to being phoned by people trying to sell you a new energy contract or entry in some corporate guide. But you may work in a field that... More >

Navigating the new school year

The new school year is exciting for children and their parents and the settling into the new school year can bring about challenges for the whole family. The team at Zein International Childcare share their top tips to ensure a smooth beginning to the school year for your family. Create a time capsule listing what your child is looking forward to: Include photos of their first day at school, a painting they have done, and other keepsakes that record your... More >

'Fleeing Afghanistan never leaves you.'

Niloufar Rahim (34), a general practitioner from Arnhem, fled her childhood home in Kabul in 1997 to escape the Taliban and seek asylum in the Netherlands. She is the chair of Dutch-Afghan organisation KEIHAN and an ambassador for IOM, Connecting Diaspora for Development. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I fled Afghanistan as a refugee with my parents when I was 10. We fled because of the Taliban regime. I remember every bit of it. It never leaves... More >

Going solar? Some things to think about

Some one million households in the Netherlands now have solar panels on their roof and solar energy is an increasingly important part of the Dutch energy mix. If you have been thinking about installing solar panels on your home, here are some things to think about. The cost The cost of installing solar panels on your roof depends on a number of factors: the number of panels, the type, the transformer (omvormer) you choose and the mounts (zonnepanelen montagemateriaal) that... More >

Inburgering with DutchNews.nl: 10 films

The summer break may be over, or almost over for some, but you still have time to  catch up on some Dutch culture with the DutchNews.nl inburgering course. Lesson 24: 10 films you must see The Dutch are world famous for their documentaries and animation films, and over the years some of their feature films have also had an international impact. Here are 10 films which encompass the history of Dutch cinema. Een Carmen van het noorden (1919) Director: Maurits Binger... More >

Podcast: The Immaculate Stingray Edition

Scientists were stunned this week when a stingray at Harderwijk’s Dolfinarium gave birth seven years after its last sexual encounter, but it will take an even bigger miracle to form a new Dutch government by Christmas. With the coalition talks deadlocked, Mark Rutte and Sigrid Kaag have bowed to the inevitable and called in ‘Mister Stikstof’ Johan Remkes to fix the crisis. Elsewhere there is concern about the decision to abandon the 1.5 metre rule on university campuses, a mudfight... More >

Why don't you stay?

As soon as the weather gets nice, the Dutch hightail it out of the country so fast they cause traffic emergencies for their southern neighbours. Longtime resident Molly Quell doesn’t understand why.  One of the most confusing things about the Netherlands for me, after living here for nearly a decade, is not the tikkies for €2.40 for a single coffee. It’s not the refusal to pick up after their dogs. It’s not even circle parties. It’s the way the whole... More >

Amsterdam Fashion Week kicks off in style

After last year’s hiatus, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2021 kicks off on September 1 and this year’s programme is the most accessible and inclusive in Fashion Week history. High couture must-sees and quality streetwear must-haves, collections from established designers, labels, international brands, and red-hot, young talent will dictate fashion trends for the next few years. Many designers have embraced sustainable production, upcycling and zero-waste practices, appealing to young consumers. Museumplein hosts a coronavirus-safe schedule of runway shows and time-slot appointments for... More >

The region revolutionising the Dutch diet

Ethical and environmental concerns are changing what the Dutch put on their plates, but where this foodtech transformation is occurring is somewhat surprising. Livestock farms with patchwork pastures encircle the village of Holten in Overijssel, but in a small industrial park within, steering Dutch diets in a different direction, is the headquarters of Vivera, one of Europe’s largest producers of vegan alternatives to meat. Evolution The evolution of the Dutch diet is no clearer than in the east of the... More >

Dutch Destinations: early autumn breaks

With the summer holidays coming to an end, what better time to start deciding where to go on an autumn break?  Here’s a round up of our most recent travel features to inspire you to see more of the Netherlands. Untangle the history of Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog The great pyramid of the Netherlands Pint sized Staverden packs a punch Lockdown in a lockkeeper’s cottage Take a walk in the wild Westkwartier The Wadden Sea island of Terschelling Get away from it all... More >

'I would like to chill in Maastricht'

Evelyn A. Ankumah left her native Ghana for a cultural exchange programme in the Netherlands when she was a teenager. Now founding executive director of human rights group Africa Legal Aid (AFLA), she loves cheese and Maastricht and is working on a series of books based on her observations and experiences of discrimination, called Hague Girls. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I first came here when I was 17. I came on a cultural exchange programme called... More >

Inburgering with DN: death

The summer break may be over, or almost over for some, but you still have time to  catch up on some Dutch culture with the DutchNews.nl inburgering course. Lesson 24: Key facts about death Enough of the jollity and fun. Never let it be said we shy away from difficult topics. So here’s some useful information about death in the Netherlands. Insured for death Some 60% of Dutch households have funeral insurance –  the Dutch love insurance after all and... More >

Great reads you might have missed

Finished your holiday books and looking for something else to pick up, or just wanting to catch up on items you may have missed? Here are some of the best DutchNew.nl reads so far this year. Dutch exceptionalism: Superior failure in the year of coronavirus The Dutch are very fond of international comparisons if they come out well, but when it comes to coronavirus, they see the Netherlands’ position as one of ‘superior failure’, writes Ben Coates. Read on Who... More >