Friday 27 January 2023

Dutch courage

Hollandophobes like Ruskin were wrong to dismiss the painters of the Golden Age as prosaic materialists. Bold artists such as Frans Hals and Rembrandt transformed portraiture by capturing the poetry of daily life, argues Simon Schama. More >


Sidelines would like to apologise for the fact that this is the third golden handshake-related column this week but this little farce is set to run and run. More >


As EU ministers gather in Brussels to discuss how to move forward on the European constitution, two Dutch MEPs have called on the rest of Europe to accept that gay couples can get officially married. More >


What’s going on in The Hague? The opposition parties were yesterday due to grill the new government over its policy programme which has taken 100 days to formulate. Bingo! More >


The Liberals (VVD) and Labour (PvdA) have now published their reports into last year’s election woes, which led to large losses in support for both parties. More >


Today’s Volkskrant focuses on the amount of money the new government appears to have spent on PR – the budget is €45m for the year, but the prime minister’s office told the paper it did not have an overview of total spending so far. More >


The battle to take over ABN Amro Bank has taken an interesting turn: one of the two contenders Barclays Bank is openly waging a charm offensive as well as slugging it out with share and cash bids. More >


For the third time in just a few days, people who use the Postbank’s online banking service have found themselves unable to do any business because of a serious computer fault. More >


Saturday’s edition of Amsterdam paper Het Parool carries a double-page spread on the capital’s efforts to get rid of public nuisance number one: dog mess. More >

Driven mad

Now here is a novel idea to solve the Netherlands’ endless traffic jam problems – from the boss of the Dutch construction industry lobby group: build new roads, but don’t let anyone drive on them. More >

People power

The new government has just spent 100 days doing it and now the new parliament is spending a week doing it: finding out what normal people think. More >


Nearly 12 years after the Srebrenica massacre, in which several thousand men and boys under the protection of Dutch soldiers were killed by the Bosnian Serbs, the issue still refuses to go away. More >


So, you are a political party and you do pretty badly at the election, losing 25% of your parliamentary seats when you should have been making serious gains. Your leader comes under fire for dithering and failing to capitalise on the changing political tide. More >