Tuesday 17 May 2022


If there’s one thing you can’t accuse hard-line integration minister Rita Verdonk of, it’s bowing out of the cabinet gracefully… yesterday the Iron Lady once again showed her mettle by joining Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration PVV party, in calling into question the loyalty of immigrants. More >


The police may have arrested a 62-year-old man from Leiden earlier this week who has been driving without a licence for 47 years, but the Telegraaf turns its attention today to renewing an EU driving licence. More >


So Dutch teenagers and children are the happiest in the developed world are they? They are according to Unicef. And journalists from the UK, where children are apparently the most miserable, have been falling over themselves trying to find out why Dutch kids have it so good. More >

Will Sun shine for PSV?

PSV Eindhoven has become the first football club in the Netherlands to sign a player from China. A commercial masterstroke, because when Sun Xiang appears on the field as a left-back, some 100 million extra pairs of eyes will be watching the match. More >


Commercial TV station SBS6 was delighted to announce yesterday that it is to broadcast a new reality show on May 12. Its title? Nothing to do with pimping or skating but alas, yes, it is something to do with BN’ers – Dutch celebrities. More >

Grey tape

Of all the measures that the new centre-left coalition government has said it wants to introduce, the one that has aroused most comment is the plan to make wealthy pensioners pay towards state pensions. More >


It seems we really have turned into a bunch of wimps… the slightest fall of snow leads to emergency weather warnings days in advance and the whole country threatens to grind to a halt in anticipation of a major disaster. More >

Sweet revenge

Many media were charmed with yesterday’s victory of chocolate crusader Teun van de Keuken. An Amsterdam court ruled that the TV journalist has the right to claim that his product, Tony’s Chocolonely, is the world’s first ‘slave free’ chocolate bar. More >


With the coalition agreement all but completed and all and sundry expressing their satisfaction/disappointment/neutrality over the new government’s strategy it is time for what The Hague likes to call the ‘poppetjes’. More >


It’s Cito time (see Alphabet Soup) once again. Some 85% of the country’s primary school children will sit this annual test which will be used to determine the level of secondary school education they will enter. More >