Wednesday 05 October 2022

Good deal

There is a big fuss about the financial package Numico boss Jan Bennink will receive when the special foods group is sold to Danone. According to some reports, Bennink will receive almost €100m or €6,000 per hour for the five years he has worked at the company. More >

Summer time

So, you are sitting on the platform waiting for the next train to Delft, only to hear the voice of an NS official over the loudspeaker informing you that due to the summer service roster, the train you are waiting for might not appear and if it does it might be on another platform. More >


Last week Amsterdam city council gave the green light and a 10-year licence to an ambitious plan to use trams to deliver goods to city centre shops and cafés and so improve air quality. More >


Is the news that 60% of young college students play poker and that most of them do it for money really that shocking? The research is based on replies from just 500 young people between 16 and 21 at MBO and HBO colleges in Eindhoven, which is hardly the basis for nationwide crazed-teen headlines. More >

Jam today

Traffic jams are so predictable that radio presenters only ever give out details of tailbacks which are longer than a few kilometres, or which are unusual in some way. More >

Moral outcry

There is an outcry in the media and among many of the opposition parties that the state is embarking on a moral crusade. This week alone there have been three proposals to tighten the moral reigns on society. More >


In March this year there was an enormous outcry following the death of a 17-year-old French girl, who apparently jumped off the Nemo science museum in Amsterdam and killed herself after eating magic mushrooms. More >


The big political news of the day is junior finance minister Jan Kees de Jager who has been cleared – by a committee which he set up himself – of being a bad boss. More >


Money can’t always buy you success. Media billionaire John de Mol has announced that he has sold his commercial TV channel Tien to its bigger rival RTL Nederland after an unsuccessful two year struggle to gain a market share of 10%. More >


Many of you may be wondering why some houses have a school bag hanging from their – sometimes rather improvised – flagpole. More >

In flight

The bright sparks at the Schiphol airport group are terribly good at getting exactly what they want and persuading the government to constantly move the goal posts. Years ago, the government set strict noise limits for aircraft and imposed a limit on the number of flights that people living close by would have to suffer. More >

Dutch courage

Hollandophobes like Ruskin were wrong to dismiss the painters of the Golden Age as prosaic materialists. Bold artists such as Frans Hals and Rembrandt transformed portraiture by capturing the poetry of daily life, argues Simon Schama. More >


Sidelines would like to apologise for the fact that this is the third golden handshake-related column this week but this little farce is set to run and run. More >


As EU ministers gather in Brussels to discuss how to move forward on the European constitution, two Dutch MEPs have called on the rest of Europe to accept that gay couples can get officially married. More >