Friday 10 July 2020


The news that Holland’s top hockey clubs have decided to restrict the number of foreign players to three because home grown talent is getting squeezed out deserves a lot of praise. The Netherlands is one of the best hockey nations in the world but that success has come at a price. More >

Mafia mates?

Jort Kelder, the sharp-minded editor of business magazine Quote and Bram Moszkowicz, criminal law expert extraordinaire, are embroiled in a bizarre online slanging match on Moszkowicz’s defence of crime boss suspect Willem Holleeder. More >

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The good Christian parents in the Bible-bashing town of Staphorst must be sleeping easier in their beds knowing their children will no longer have to use dictionaries containing such vulgar words as nitwit or verzuipen (drinking yourself silly). More >


So the futuristic €1bn light rail project – which is supposed to link up Rotterdam, The Hague and Zoetermeer – has become the latest entry in the catalogue of major infrastructure disasters. More >

Fat chance

It is amazing what kinds of things the cabinet finds to take all-important decisions on – especially while it is waiting to be replaced. Today it was announced that ministers want to cut the official percentage of fat in mince – from a massive 35% to 25%. The amount of fat in lean mince will also be reduced from 20% to 15% – if the cabinet has its way. More >


The poor town of Hellevoetsluis has gotten itself into quite a pickle after issuing an ID card to a man who said painting his face like a Batman villain was part of his religious beliefs. More >


The world’s oldest woman who died two years ago aged 115 had the physical and mental condition of a 60 to 80-year-old, according to doctors who have examined the body. More >


It might not have occurred to the bright sparks of Brainport Eindhoven that one of the reasons it finds it hard to attract foreign ‘knowledge’ workers is not the government’s immigration policy – but its rather stupid name. More >


Way back in 1975, the Dutch government gave the sole licence to operate casinos in the Netherlands to its own company: Holland Casino. The aim, the government said, was to clean up the industry and reduce addiction to gambling. More >


At the risk of being labelled a spoilsport or an old-fashioned ignoramus, Sidelines would like to take a stand. Yesterday, received a press release advertising – of all things – a ‘Pimp Your Valentine’ weekend. More >


It has all gone rather quiet on the formation talks – he’s a sensible man, that Hans Wijffels who is in charge. Move the negotiations out of that hotbed of gossip, The Hague, and the rumour stream immediately dies down. Nevertheless, there is a little news around today: this time on the thorny issue of pensions. More >


Mind-boggling. There is no better word to describe the current controversy over college students who can’t spell or do simple maths. The latest figures show that almost two-thirds of vocational college students would fail the language test held in the final year of primary school! More >


The government and city authorities spend a great deal of time and energy improving the lot of urban youth. Unemployment, poverty, violent crime, under-age drinking, poor education and racism all tend to be seen as inner-city problems. But, if a string of recent reports are to be believed, it might in fact be time to switch tack. More >

For profit

Margreeth De Boer, who chaired the investigation into the construction failures at the Bos en Lommer shopping centre, says she was ‘shocked’ by the disregard for human safety shown by those involved in the project. She shouldn’t be. More >


Every January, Amsterdam’s Parool newspaper publishes a handy guide to the city’s secondary schools. It includes straightforward information about exam results and drop-out rates as well as a more controversial calculations on how black, white or mixed the school is. More >


Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. Certainly if the reality is the high security prison in Vught. The media is awash today with stories about how Willem Holleeder, who is awaiting trial on charges of extortion and ordering gangland killings, managed to give an interview to the Telegraaf and a tv programme without the knowledge (let alone permission) of the prison authorities. More >


Big, big important news from the prime minister’s office late yesterday: apparently the government has managed to cut the amount it spends on communicating with the general public by €6m a year – while at the same time improving the quality of communication. More >


The national statistics office CBS tells us today that one-third of Dutch nationals will be ‘non-native’ or allochtoon by 2050. More >