DutchNews podcast – The Headbanging Vultures Edition – Week 22

In the week that Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate change agreement, we’ve compiled a podcast from recycled material  – another round of coalition talks, another hate speech inquiry for Geert Wilders and the first Dutch winner of a major cycling tour race for 37 years. And we dive in to the ongoing debate about whether English has become too dominant at Dutch universities.

Top story

Coalition talks resume with new helmsman


Wilders faces prosecution for speech in Austria

Well-wishers record video for Amsterdam’s seriously ill mayor

Dutch students prefer green employers to banks

Gay vultures hatch chick at Amsterdam zoo (Time)

Tom Dumoulin receives hero’s reception after winning Giro d’Italia

Discussion: Are Dutch universities using too much English?

Dutch universities again under fire over English; court case looms

More than half of courses taught entirely in English (Volkskrant)