Political records

News magazine HP/De Tijd entertains its readers this week with a round up of political records.
Weirdest political party: PLN, the party for the liquidation of the Netherlands, in 1981.

Strangest campaign: 1977, when Moluccan activitists hijacked a train and took over a school. The sieges were ended violently after the election.
Most united councils in 2003: In Tubbergen, 71.8% voted for the CDA and in Urk, 33.4% backed the fundamentalist Christian party, SGP.
Highest scoring party: The CDA under Ruud Lubbers took 54 seats in 1989 and 1986
Biggest electoral loss: 22 seats. Labour under Ad Melkert in 2002.
Biggest electoral gain: In 2002, the LPF took 26 seats from scratch following the murder of party founder Pim Fortuyn. Labour under Wouter Bos added 19 seats in 2003.
Youngest MP: Labour’s Sharon Dijksma was just 23 in 1994.