Online retailer Amazon launches Prime in Netherlands

Online retailer Amazon launches Prime in Netherlands

US internet retail colossus Amazon is extending its services to customers in the Netherlands by offering its top shelf Amazon Prime service from today, the Telegraaf said on Thursday. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that gives users access to free two-day delivery (one-day in select areas), streaming video/music and other benefits for a monthly or annual fee. Prime is an important tool in the company's growth strategy. The main attraction of Prime in the Netherlands is probably Prime Video, the Netflix competitor which offers Grand Tour (featuring the former Top Gear team) among other features, the Telegraaf said. Prime Video was already available separately for €5.99 a month in the Netherlands but is now part of Amazon Prime at a launch price of €3.99 a month. Netflix just raised its monthly subscription to €10.99. Amazon is rumoured to be working on a series based on Lord of the Rings. It is also discussing its own Dutch-language productions. Amazon is offering Amazon Prime through its German website, which has been translated into Dutch since 2014. Millions of articles are now available in the Netherlands one or two days after they appear on the German site.  More >

Waylon to represent NL at Eurovision

2nd time lucky? Waylon to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision Song Contest Dutch singer Waylon, who came second in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 as part of the Common Linnets, will represent the Netherlands at next year’s competition in Lisbon. Television station AvroTros, which broadcasts the competition in the Netherlands, placed a short film online on Thursday full of clues about the identity of the next representative. 'Who will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal…? Guess who…' the video said, before going on to feature Waylon’s distinctive tattoos and hat. The video also references the The Voice of Holland where Waylon is one of the coaches. The Common Linnet's Calm after the Storm was the best Dutch performance at Eurovision since 1975, when Teach In won with Ding a Dong. Waylon's entry for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will be released next year.   More > joins Amsterdam's rentals pact

Online retailer Amazon launches Prime in Netherlands Hotel and holiday home platform has become the second web company to reach agreement with Amsterdam over holiday rentals, the city council said in a statement on Thursday. The agreement, similar to one reached earlier with Airbnb, means that adver­tisements which contravene regulations will be dropped from the website. The deal takes effect on 1 January and will run for a year. Apartments cannot be rented out for more than 60 days a year and never to groups of more than four people. According to the Parool, the negotiations took over a year because originally took the stance that illegal rentals were a matter for the government. But pressure built up on the company and chairman Gillians Tans told the paper: 'Amsterdam is important for us, therefore we are happy to help.' Housing alderman Laurens Ivens termed the new deal significant. 'Landlords who break the rules can now no longer step over from Airbnb to,' he said. Ivens hopes to extend the pact further to include other rental platforms Wimdu and Homeaway. The deal is the latest weapon being used by the city in the battle against the nuisance caused by the holiday rentals boom. Since October every Amsterdam resident who rents out an apartment must register each agreement with the city so that officials can monitor they do not break the 60 day rule.  More >

Fewer people buy phones on credit

Online retailer Amazon launches Prime in Netherlands Fewer people are buying mobile phones as part of a mobile phone subscription in the wake of new legislation on credit, broadcaster NOS reports. Since May, defacto loans for phones costing more than €250 are included in the official debt register. Buyers have to show they earn over a €800 a month and the loan is reported to the credit registration bureau BKR.  This listing can have an impact on mortgage and other loan applications. According to figures from research bureau Telcompaper, some 34% of people taking out a new telecoms contract opted to buy their phone outright in the first quarter of the year. But the total went up to 44% by the third quarter. Phone companies report an increase in sim card-only subscriptions and students in particular are opting for less expensive options. Phone company Belsimpel told NOS found the number of sim card-only subscriptions among this group has doubled since the introduction of the legislation. According to Belsimpel director Jeroen Doorenbos, the €800 threshold is too strict. ‘You can’t spend more than 250 euros on a phone but it’s perfectly ok to buy an expensive gym subscription,’ he told NOS.  More >

Dutch kids get mobile phones even younger

Do 441 Dutch four-year-olds really have a mobile phone? In total, 441 Dutch four-year-olds and just under 1,000 five-year-olds have their own mobile phone, telecoms group KPN said on Tuesday. The figures, which KPN says come from national statistics agency CBS, show that children are being given their first phone at an ever younger age. While today's 17 and 18-year-olds got their first phone at the average of 13, today's 13 and 14-year-olds were given their first phone before they turned 12. Starting secondary school is a key moment, KPN said. But while parents think it important that they are able to reach their children by phone, they are also worried about the increasing influence of phones on their children's lives. Parents pay for nearly all phone costs up to the age of 14, when children start contributing themselves. While four to eight-year-olds cost an average of €5.50 a month, 13-year-olds are spending €12.40 and 18-year-olds €23, the KPN research found. KPN published the findings to coincide with the launch of a new campaign to help parents make sure their children can deal with issues such as privacy and cyber-bullying. has asked the CBS to confirm the figures about four-year-olds and mobile phone possession.  More >