Community service for man who secretly filmed girl next door

Community service for man who secretly filmed girl next door

A 33-year-old man from Veenendaal has been given 80 hours community service for secretly filming his young female neighbour for two years. The court in Utrecht also ordered that the man undergo psychiatric treatment and pay the woman compensation. The man filmed his victim’s bedroom window between September 2017 and June 2017 using a telephoto lens camera hidden in blankets which he hung outside. The public prosecution department had demanded a one year jail term but the court ruled that this was not in order because the suspect was not guilty of assault or filming a minor. The court also dismissed a claim by the defence that the women could have prevented the filming by hanging up curtains.   More >

Police not charged over fatal shooting

Community service for man who secretly filmed girl next door The prosecution service will not bring charges against three police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man in Purmerend. The officers responded to an incident at around 4.30pm on September 1 last year in which a man was reported to have smashed a car windscreen. When they got to the scene on Westerdraay the man jumped out of a woodland and ran towards them holding a metal object above his head. Police fired warning shots but the man continued running, at which point two of the officers fired three shots directly at him. The 41-year-old man died at the scene. The officers said the poor light made it impossible to make out what the man was holding in his hand, but they believed it to be a large knife, sword or stick. It later turned out to be a metal vacuum cleaner tube. An internal investigation concluded that the man was disturbed, unpredictable and highly aggressive, but incapable of responding to reason. The prosecution service said the officers had to respond quickly and had no choice but to shoot at the man.  More >

Murder inquiry: 65% of men give DNA sample

Community service for man who secretly filmed girl next door Police say they are 'satisfied' with the response to a call for DNA samples to help them solve the murder of an 11-year-old boy in 1998, even though one in three people declined. Altogether more than 21,000 men in Limburg were asked to submit their DNA during the last three weeks in and around Heerlen, Brunssum and Heibloem, making it the largest mass sampling exercise ever carried out in the Netherlands. Police hope that the exercise will enable them to trace the killer of Nicky Verstappen, who was found dead on the Brunsummerheide heathland during a summer camp 20 years ago, by identifying relatives. The response rate of 65.3% was lower than in other DNA sampling exercises carried out in connection with unsolved murders. Project leader Hans Ramaekers said: 'Of course the chance of succeeding is highest if you have a 100% attendance rate. All our efforts were geared towards achieving that. But even at this level we may find we have enough DNA profiles from all branches of the family tree to do a thorough investigation.' In 2012 an appeal for DNA samples in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra, in Friesland, in 1999 yielded an 89% response rate. The killer, Jasper S., gave a sample which led directly to his arrest. Last year 125 out of 133 men of Turkish origin in Zaandam who were invited to give samples to help solve the killing of Milica van Doorn submitted their DNA. Only two refused, one of whom, 47-year-old Hüseiyn A., was later arrested for the murder.  More >

Three arrests in Antwerp drug rape inquiry

Three men arrested after women report being drugged and raped in Antwerp Three men have been arrested after two Dutch women reported they had been drugged and raped on a night out in Antwerp. The women, aged 21 and 22, told police they were in the Roxy nightclub on Friday where they fell into conversation with a group of five men. 'After that it's a black hole,' they said in a police statement. Police suspect they were drugged and taken back to their hotel by one of the men, who let his companions in. When the women awoke the next morning they realised they had been raped and their mobile phones and money had been stolen. According to the Telegraaf one of the men was arrested when he returned to the hotel the next evening and inquired after the women. A receptionist had seen the five men leaving the hotel at around 7.30am that morning. The women are said to have identified him as the man who accompanied them from the nightclub to the hotel.   More >

Dutch police break up dark web drugs gang

Dutch police break up major dark web drugs gang, four arrested Police in the Netherlands say they have broken up a gang which was trading large volumes of illegal drugs on the dark web all over the world. The three men and one woman were arrested in Amsterdam and Werkendam earlier this week and will appear before remand judges on Friday. Three of those arrested were online processing orders at the time of their arrest. The fourth was producing what the police said were packaging materials using 3D printers when she was picked up. The case is a follow up on the dismantling of a dark web drugs network known as Hansa last year, police said. One of the seller accounts, named Doug Hefferman, was based in the Netherlands and appeared to be responsible for selling cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs. The four people arrested on Tuesday are said to be the operators behind that name and a string of others which moved to a new dark web market place named Dream Market when Hansa was shut down. Disguise They are suspected of sending tens of thousands of packets of drugs all over the world disguised as makeup, print cartridges and computer games. The related administration system includes the addresses of potentially thousands of buyers, the police statement said. Police also confiscated three cars, a considerable amount of drugs, a gun and bitcoin receipts. Doug Hefferman is the main character from the American comedy The King of Queens who is a delivery worker.  More >