A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Saab’s new owner has history of unpaid debt

Victor Muller, the man behind Spyker's acquisition of Swedish car maker Saab deal, has never been shy to put other people’s money to use, sometimes losing it in the process. (more…)  More >

Green light for CO2 storage under Dutch town

In spite of residents' protests, Dutch parliament approved the construction of an experimental underground carbon dioxide storage facility beneath the town of Barendrecht on Tuesday. (more…)  More >

Winning the Afghan war, Dutch style

In a remote river valley surrounded by jagged mountain ranges stands a modest white building seen by some strategists as a symbol of how to win the war in Afghanistan. (more…)  More >

Dutch sisters survived Holocaust death camp

Wednesday marks 65 years since the Allies liberated the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp from the Germans. Despite the date's international significance, it is just another day on the calendar for two Vallejo sisters who lived through the events now detailed in memoirs and history books. (more…)  More >

The King center goes Dutch

Last week, the King Center here in Atlanta officially launched its partnership with the City of The Hague in the Netherlands. The short-term goal is to establish a King Center for those engaged in the fight for equality and civil rights in Europe. (more…)  More >

Dutch ‘defriended’ as far back as 1626

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and their ilk, have spawned a host of new jargon. Surprisingly, one of these terms was already in use in 17th century Holland. (more…)  More >

Obama’s men scorn Dutch tactics

At the Netherlands’ military base in the Afghan province of Uruzgan, Obama’s troops are often at odds with the Dutch way of doing things. (more…)  More >

‘Anything is possible’ for Pauw

The Netherlands marked their first major female football finals by reaching the Uefa women's Euro 2009 semi-finals last summer, earning professional contracts. Coach Vera Pauw discusses those feats. (more…)  More >

Pedalling for climate change

The Dutch Union has published in a special English edition of its magazine to coincide with the climate conference in Copenhagen. (more…)  More >

Dutch defense against climate change: Adapt

With the Copenhagen summit starting Monday, chances remain uncertain for a historic breakthrough in the fight to prevent climate change, but the Netherlands is leading a fight of a different kind: How to live with global warming. (more…)  More >

Jiri Kylian, a life in dance

Time: a sunny day in November Place: a quiet street in The Hague Dramatis personae: Jiri Kylian, 62, Czech choreographer and retiring director of Netherlands Dance Theatre; Alistair Spalding, chief executive and artistic director of Sadler’s Wells, London (more…)  More >

Eurobest: Four (m)ad men in Amsterdam

Four Amsterdam-based international creative directors discuss the future of their profession and Amsterdam as a creative capital. ‘The city council is skating on thin ice.’ (more…)  More >

Tracking dogs are major Dutch export product

From the explosives dog sniffing around Barack Obama's car, to the drugs dog discovering a cocaine shipment on the Mexican border, wherever dogs are at work around the world, there is a good chance they came from the Netherlands. (more…)  More >

Amsterdam tries to shed its seedy reputation

The project to turn Amsterdam's centre from Sodom and Gomora into a bourgeois bohemians playground is well underway, but replacing a brothel by a 5-star restaurant is not done overnight. (more…)  More >

World War II food-drop airman, Dutch youth meet 64 years later

In 1945, Bob Lawrence was an Alabama boy turned World War II flyboy. Ruud Veltman was a youngster coming of age in war-weary Amsterdam. That their lives intersected that year was a matter of chance; that they met face-to-face in Greenville more than 60 years later was downright uncanny. (more…)  More >

Red light art

London's National Gallery, home of the nation's Old Masters, is about to exhibit its first contemporary art installation, by recreating a street scene from Amsterdam's Red Light district. (more…)  More >

Dispatch from Drachten

In a nondescript business park on the edge of an obscure Dutch town, a small group of revolutionaries is plotting to change the world. The security agencies have not yet investigated, but the goings-on might be of some interest to the traffic cops (more…)  More >