Sunday 29 November 2020

Uber barred from sacking 10 staff who refused to take redundancy

Uber barred from sacking 10 staff who refused to take redundancy

Online taxi agency Uber has been refused permission to sack workers at its international headquarters in Amsterdam, the NRC has reported. State jobs agency UWV, which has to assess all formal applications for redundancy, has ruled that there were no valid grounds for dismissal because the company could not demonstrate that the downturn in the workload was structural. The UWV also referred to comments made by Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi, who told a staff meeting on September 1 that... More >

Jobs for the disabled figures don't add up

Far fewer people with physical or mental disabilities have found a job in the regular employment market than the government claims, according to sheltered work umbrella group Cedris. The agency told Trouw on Wednesday that 12,000 people have a regular job, not the 53,000 claimed by the government. Ministers, local authorities, employers and unions agreed in 2013 that by 2025, 125,000 jobs should be created for people with disabilities, as sheltered work schemes are phased out. Cedris said in May... More >

125,000 jobs have gone due to Covid

The total number of jobs in the Netherlands has shrunk by 125,000 during the coronavirus pandemic to the end of July, according to new figures from state jobs agency UWV. The decline was strongest in the hospitality and business services sector, where the number of jobs total declined by 16%, the UWV said. Most jobs – 31,000 – have disappeared at staffing agencies, followed by business services (15,000) and hospitality (12,000). ‘The job losses are particularly visible in sectors were... More >

SER urges clarity on gig economy workers

The government needs to make sure the rules surrounding gig economy jobs for the likes of Deliveroo and Uber are clarified and properly adhered to, government advisory group SER says in a new report. Although platform-based delivery, catering and taxi companies can be innovative, they should follow rules about what can and and cannot be done by freelancers, SER says. SER, made up of employer, union and lay members, is the most important government advisory body. ‘The status of gig... More >

Dutch unemployment rate goes down slightly

Despite the economic impact of coronavirus, the official Dutch unemployment rate fell from 4.6% to 4.4% between August and September, national statistics office CBS said. In total, a further 2,000 people were in work last month than in August. The number of claims for unemployment benefit (ww) also fell – there were 278,000 people claiming the work-related benefit at the end of September, some 13,000 down on the previous month. The initial coronavirus impact has now filtered through the jobs... More >