Thursday 09 July 2020

More women snap up top jobs at nearly 60% of charter supporting companies

More women snap up top jobs at nearly 60% of charter supporting companies

More women are occupying top positions in almost 60% of the companies that signed a charter to promote a greater female presence, according to figures from government agency Talent to the Top (TndT). The 275 companies including BAM, Essent, Heineken, Schiphol, universities and hospitals signed up to the charter in 2008. Some 58% employed more women in top positions in the last year, while 36% saw their number fall. In 6% of companies the number of women remained the same.... More >

Income support tricky with flex contracts

Just half the 11,500 people who have applied for financial help because they have a flexible employment contract and have not been able to work because of coronavirus have been awarded funding, the state jobs agency UWV told broadcaster NOS on Tuesday. Those rejected for the TOFA funding did not meet the guidelines because they either had not earned enough in February or had earned too much in April, the UWV said. The scheme is only open to people who... More >

Healthcare bonus will lead to red tape

The government’s decision to give a €1,000 tax-free bonus to most people working in the healthcare sector has run into difficulty because employers don’t want to administer the gift, the Telegraaf said on Tuesday. In addition, they are concerned about being forced to choose who should benefit, the paper said. The government said last week healthcare workers, including cleaners and support staff but not doctors, are to get the bonus for their work during the coronavirus crisis. Some 800,000 people... More >

Healthcare workers to get €1,000 bonus

Healthcare workers, including cleaners and support staff but not doctors, are to get a tax free €1,000 bonus for their work during the coronavirus crisis. The bonus is to thank people, many of whom ended up working double shifts, for their extra efforts, health minister Hugo de Jonge said. MPs voted in favour of the bonus at the beginning of the crisis, but the government had not gone into details until now. Some 800,000 people will be eligible for the... More >

Forgotten flexi-workers can claim cash

People on flexible and zero hours contracts who have lost income because of coronavirus closures can claim income support from Monday. The scheme, known as TOFA, is only open to people who earned at least €400 in February and two months later were still earning no more than half of their February gross income. In total, the state jobs agency UWV, which is administering the scheme, will pay people on flexible contracts up to €1,650 for the period March to... More >

Youngsters hit by Covid-19 job losses

Youngsters have been hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, with some 139,000 fewer under 26-year-olds currently now in work, according to new figures from national statistics agency CBS. In February, 1.4 million 15 to 25-year-olds had a job of some sort, but this has now dropped to below 1.3 million, the CBS said. But the number of 25 to 45-year-olds in work has only gone down by 18,000. Not all youngsters who have lost their job are officially unemployed –... More >

ING plans to cut staffing agency fees 20%

ING plans to cut the rate paid to some secondment agencies by 20%, because of the impact of coronavirus on the bank, a spokesman has confirmed to the Financieele Dagblad. ‘We have to adapt our organisation to the current, uncertain situation,’ the spokesman said. ING uses agency staff for several key projects, including payment traffic, compliance and IT. The bank has some 5,000 external hires and the cuts will affect 2,600 agency workers. Although the bank does not intend for... More >