Friday 27 January 2023

Agreed wage rises averaged 3.8% last year, employer body says

Agreed wage rises averaged 3.8% last year, employer body says

Pay deals agreed in 2022 included an average rise of 3.8%, hitting a 5.9% high at the end of the year, according to research by employers’ organisation AWVN. ‘This is a very high level, viewed from a historical perspective,’ a spokesman told news website ‘The trend is upwards and that is primarily to do with inflation. Companies want to compensate staff for the loss in spending power.’ Inflation averaged 10% over the year, Dutch statistics agency CBS said on... More >

Take home pay will go up in January

Someone earning a modal salary of €3,086 will be €91 a month better off in January, according to calculations by salary processing company ADP. And people earning the minimum wage of €1,934 per month will have €218 more to spend, thanks to the 10% increase agreed by the government as well as tax cuts, ADP said. But those earning twice the modal wage – €6,173 – will only have €98 more in take home pay. In addition, employers can increase... More >

STAP courses halted pending review

The government will not open applications for €1000-worth of job related training in January as planned because the rules need to be tightened up, social affairs minister Karien van Gennip and education minister Dennis Wiersma have told MPs. The rules covering the type of courses funded via the STAP programme are to be amended to stop potential abuse and people getting funding to do pointless courses, the minister said. A fixed number of places per course will also be brought... More >

One in nine jobless get unemployment pay

Just one in nine people without a job received official unemployment benefit (WW) in the third quarter of this year, down from one in five in the same period two years ago, according to national statistics office CBS. People can be registered as unemployed without having had a job, which means they are not entitled to WW benefits, and their number is increasing, the CBS said. At the same time, fewer people are losing their jobs and more people are... More >

Plan for homeless EU workers 'flawed'

A plan by junior health minister Maarten van Ooijen to provide short term, basic accommodation to EU workers who lose their job and housing is flawed because it goes against European rules, a legal expert has told Trouw. Van Ooijen’s plan, meant to rectify the lack of accommodation for homeless EU workers, recognises three groups. Those who have lost their job no more than six months ago will be offered basic accommodation and will be helped to look for a... More >