Tuesday 07 April 2020

Temporary workers are being left out of corona rescue deals, unions warn

Temporary workers are being left out of corona rescue deals, unions warn

Hundreds of thousands of people on temporary employment contracts are losing their job because of the coronavirus crisis, despite government measures to help companies pay staff, according to trade union federation FNV. Some 800,000 people – including 425,000 on call out or zero hour contracts, 227,000 in the first six months of their staffing agency job – are at risk, the FNV said. On Monday the government launched its NOW scheme to help firms pay salaries while the crisis continues.... More >

Dutch farmers may lose battle for workers

Dutch farmers are afraid of losing seasonal labourers to Germany and Belgium because of relaxed tax rules in those countries and tough legislation in the Netherlands, the Financieele Dagblad reports. The German government is trying to soften the impact of the corona crisis on agriculture by allowing seasonal labourers already in the country to remain there for longer without paying premiums. Belgium too is relaxing its rules. Dutch farmers, who are preparing to harvest strawberries and asparagus, are worried Germany... More >

Labour migrants in NL 'not a priority'

Foreign nationals working in the agriculture and distribution sectors on temporary contracts are being particularly hard hit by the coronavirus crisis and those that lose their jobs are finding themselves homeless to boot. Some 43,000 Polish nationals live in the worst affected province of Noord-Brabant and the situation they are facing is becoming dramatic as the corona crisis evolves, says Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska, journalist and editor of Polish news website Polonia.nl. ‘A huge majority of Poles are employed on junk contracts... More >

Economic support package later today

Later today the government is expected to present a string of measures to shore up the economy and to help hundreds of thousands of freelancers who have lost work because of coronavirus. The aviation sector, cut flower industry, hospitality and the cultural sector are among those which have been so far severely affected by the developing crisis. Sources in The Hague told broadcaster NOS that freelancers may be given easier access to welfare benefits if they find themselves without an... More >

Unilever expands paid leave for parents

Unilever is to give the partners of new mothers in the Netherlands six weeks fully paid leave from July this year, Dutch media reported on Wednesday. The agreement is part of the new pay and conditions deal for 1,500 local staff which has been struck between the unions and the food and cleaning products giant, the paper said. The deal includes a wage rise of 2.6% backdated to the start of this year, plus a further increase of 0.65% in... More >

Labour law 'should recognise freelancers'

Lobby groups for freelance workers have called on social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees to reward entrepreneurship when the government reforms the law on labour relations. A group of organisations headed by Bovib, which represents brokers and intermediaries, published a pamphlet criticising the cabinet’s stance on freelance work. They urge Koolmees to stop treating permanent contracts as the default position and recognise the contribution self-employed workers make to the workplace. ‘We want to offer a solution for the group of workers... More >