Thursday 29 September 2022

Staff shortages continue to bite

The number of job vacancies available for each 100 people who are officially unemployed has now stretched to 143, national statistics agency CBS said on Wednesday. The number of vacancies went up by 16,000 in the second quarter of the year, while the jobless total fell by 11,000 to its lowest level since 2003. One third of employers now say the shortage of staff is increasing the pressure across their workforces, and the lack of workers is being felt across... More >

New law can limit irregular working hours

New European labour regulations come into effect in the Netherlands on Monday, allowing staff to follow a training course in the boss’s time and better regulating working hours. The rules also stop employers from banning workers from taking up a second employment contract or doing voluntary work, with the aim of making it easier to combine different jobs. Employers will, however, still be able to stop staff taking up a second job if it would mean they broke restrictions on... More >

New pay deals average a 3.4% increase

Wage rises agreed in new pay deals sealed in July averaged 3.4%, slightly down on May and June but still at record levels, according to preliminary figures from employers’ advisory group AWVN and quoted by The overall trend is still upwards and will continue in that direction for some time, unless the global economy collapses, the AWVN said. Some 800 pay and conditions agreements are in place in the Netherlands, and about 500 are up for renewal this year.... More >