Wednesday 22 March 2023

Long Covid clinics close to new patients

Two large clinics set up to help people with Long Covid in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are being forced to close their doors to new patients because of money concerns, the Volkskrant reported on Friday. The clinics, which help people with long-lasting, serious complaints, say the payment they are given by health insurers, based on a 10-minute consultation, is not enough to cover the cost. Rotterdam lung specialist Merel Hellemons told the paper that there are enough experts available. ‘But if... More >

60% of long Covid sufferers long-term sick

More than half of people suffering from the long-term effects of coronavirus are expected to be unable to go back to work after two years, employee insurance agency UWV says. The organisation received 1,900 applications last year from people with long Covid for a declaration that would entitle them to long-term sickness benefit (WIA). WIA is available to people who are dismissed after being off work through illness for two years and lose at least 35% of their income. The... More >

Better diploma screening needed in care

The health inspectorate has told care institutions to be more vigilant about workers’ credentials and carry out more thorough background checks, as reports of fake  certificates double. The number of people who were caught using fake diplomas and the compulsory certificate of good conduct (VOG) doubled to 95 and 11 respectively in 2021, the inspectorate said, warning it could be ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Most cases involved people who worked freelance via an agency in care for the disabled,... More >