Sunday 07 August 2022

Covid speeded up shorter cancer treatments

Treatment programmes for some cancers which were cut short when the coronavirus pandemic hit, will continue to involve fewer visits to hospital following recommendations from the Dutch association for radio therapy and oncology NVRO. ‘Changes to the treatment for some cancers have been accelerated because of the coronavirus crisis,’ Marcel Verheij, chairman of the oncology platform SONCOS told the AD. Fewer radiation therapy sessions do not affect the efficacy of the treatment, oncologists say, given the amount of radiation administered... More >

Amsterdam starts monkeypox vaccinations

Amsterdam is to start vaccinating people against monkeypox on Monday, focusing on the most at risk groups. By Thursday, 712 cases of monkeypox had been reported to the authorities nationwide with most – 429 cases – in Noord Holland and Flevoland. The city has been allocated enough vaccine to give 10,500 people the required two doses and the first invitations were sent out on Thursday, council officials said. The priority list is based on criteria drawn up by the health... More >

NZa collects data without patients consent

Mental health professionals have said the Dutch health regulatory body NZa is going too far in collecting patient data because it compromises the code of confidentiality and patients’ right to privacy, Trouw reported on Thursday. Since July staff at GGZ mental health services have to inform the NZa about the seriousness of their patients’ problems. But, professionals say, patients have not been informed of this. ‘People don’t know that their psychiatrist or psychologist have to register what their sexual problems... More >

Nursing homes ask relatives to help out

Several nursing homes in the Netherlands have written to relatives asking them to  help take care of their family members because of the shortage of staff, the AD reported on Thursday. For example, the Thebe group has written to relatives of the residents in its 23 care homes asking them to help their relatives shower, put on support stockings and to eat. ‘This will enable us to free up our nursing staff,’ a spokesman told the paper. Amsterdam nursing home... More >

Chromium-6 found in Tata Steel water

Traces of carcinogenic metal Chromium-6 have been found in groundwater at the Tata Steel plant in IJmuiden, according to research carried out by the North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service. The local public health service says there is no risk to the safety of residents as the substance is underground and no drinking water is extracted from beneath the steelworks. However, the Indian steel-making giant must conduct further environmental research in the area. Tata Steel has come under fire in... More >