Monday 22 July 2019

Court clears way for Slotervaart sale

The sale of Amsterdam’s former Slotervaart hospital to a property company has taken a step forward after a judge dismissed the city council’s two main objections. The city’s court upheld a previous decision by a magistrate that there was no need to investigate whether the bankruptcy was legally justified. An investigation would hold up the sale to Zadelhoff, which has pledged to write off the hospital’s debts in full, the judge ruled. A delay would be detrimental to the interests... More >

Fewer deaths from deadly meningitis strain

A deadly strain of meningitis appears to have declined since the Netherlands introduced a vaccination campaign, reports the AD. The newspaper reports that five people died after being infected with a particularly dangerous form of meningococcal bacteria in the first half of this year, compared with 23 deaths last year. Public health agency the RIVM said it was ‘overjoyed’ at the decline, saying there were fewer cases of meningococcal disease than it had predicted. The disease is reportedly fatal for... More >

Backers found for new Petten reactor

Work on a new reactor at the Petten nuclear plant dedicated to producing medical isotopes is due to begin in 2021 after the government announced it had secured financial backing. The current reactor, which is 60 years old and owned by the European Commission, is due to be closed in 2025. The decision caused alarm in the medical community because Petten produces 30% of the global supplies of medical isotopes, which are used in the treatment of cancer and other... More >

Cancer responsible for 30% of deaths in NL

Cancer remains the most common cause of death in the Netherlands, accounting for around three in ten fatalities, according to latest figures from the CBS. Around 47,000 people died from cancer-related complications in 2018, out of a total of 153,000 deaths. Cancer was responsible for 45 per cent of deaths among people aged between 40 and 80. The proportion has been steady for the last few years. Men are more likely than women to die as a result of cancer,... More >