Tuesday 10 December 2019

13 people a day are dying after a fall

The number of people dying after a fall has risen in 2018 and mainly elderly people who live alone are affected, CBS figures show. In 2018, an average of 13 people a day died after a fall, compared with eight in 2014. The tally of 4,628 deaths does not include falls from bikes, mopeds or disability scooters. Most people die after falling in their bathroom. A contributing factor is the fact that the elderly are living alone and in their... More >

Dutch are 'mindful' about meals

Most people in the Netherlands are ‘mindful’ about the way they eat, making their meals from scratch and eating at the table, according to a survey commissioned by the government’s eating habits agency Voedingscentrum. Over half the 1,000 survey respondents does not eat breakfast on the hoof and the great majority (75%) still eat their evening meal at the table. Meals are made from scratch more than five times a week on average, with ready-made food or take-aways only appearing... More >

Doctors raise alarm over 'silent disaster'

Family doctors are unable to refer vulnerable patients to the appropriate institutions because of a lack of staff and crippling bureaucracy, leaving thousands of people without adequate care, a doctors’ campaign group has claimed. A survey among 2,000 family doctors by action group Het Roer Moet Om (a change of direction is needed ) shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to quickly and efficiently organise appropriate care for elderly people with dementia, psychiatric patients, people who are chronically ill... More >

Hospital workers go on strike over pay

Hundreds of operations will be canceled on Wednesday as nurses and hospital staff take part in the first ever national hospital strike. Emergency operations will still go ahead but non-urgent procedures and regular appointments have been cancelled all over the country. In total, the strike will affect 83 hospitals, 32 day clinics and four rehabilitation centres, most of which will operate a Sunday service. Teaching hospitals are not affected because their staff fall under a different pay deal. Unions have... More >