Wednesday 30 November 2022

Coronavirus cases levelling off, hospital admissions rise slightly

Coronavirus cases levelling off, hospital admissions rise slightly

Coronavirus cases fell by nearly 5% in the last week of November, suggesting infections may be levelling off after falling by nearly 80% in the previous seven weeks. Over the last seven days 5,155 people tested positive for the virus, down from 5,417, though PCR testing is limited to people over 70 or those with underlying medical conditions. The number of patients admitted to hospital and intensive care increased, though both levels remain much lower than this time last year... More >

Cigarette price rise largely matches wages

The price of cigarettes may have risen steadily over the years, but so have wages and that means tobacco products have only become marginally more expensive, according to Maastricht University researcher Cloé Geboers. The research, which covers the period 2008 to 2020, was published in journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research on Tuesday. The price of a packet of cigarettes went up from around €3.60 to €6.70 during the 12 years in the research, and only rose marginally when corrected for... More >

'Research into Long Covid urgently needed'

More research is urgently needed into the diagnosis and treatment of Long Covid which is affecting the lives of ‘tens of thousands’ of people, experts have said. Persistent fatigue, muscle pain and memory loss are the main symptoms but there is a wide list of around 200 Long Covid-related health problems which manifest themselves differently in each patient, making diagnosis difficult. One in eight people are thought to suffer from the debilitating effects of Long Covid a year or longer... More >

HIV prevention pill is having an effect

The HIV prevention pill Prep has reduced the number of new infections in the Netherlands, the HIV Monitoring foundation concludes in a new report. The number of new cases of HIV in the Netherlands has fallen steadily since 2008, dropping to 660 in 2019 and last year to 427, the foundation said. At the same time, the proportion of men who who have sex with men being diagnosed with recent infections has gone down from 37% to 27%. By recent... More >