Thursday 09 February 2023

CZ, ASR add most new health policies

Almost 1.5 million people switched health insurers during the six-week changeover period, as inflation and higher premiums pushed people into cheaper deals, news website said on Thursday. The figures are slightly higher than those published by healthcare insurance association Zorgverzekering Nederland last month. The average basic insurance package costs between €3.75 and €9.30 a month extra this year. CZ and ASR made the most gains, while Zilveren Kruis lost more customers, said. CZ, which includes Ohra and Nationale-Nederlanden,... More >

Help for healthcare staff with Long Covid

Healthcare workers suffering the long-term effects of coronavirus after falling ill with the virus at the start of the pandemic will receive financial support, long-term care minister Conny Helder has told parliament. The government will draw up regulations to cover people who caught the virus while working in hospitals, care homes, community care teams and other institutions between March and June 2020, and been unable to return to work. Healthcare workers were exempted from many of the quarantine rules in... More >

Lung cancer screening to start this week

The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam is starting a trial screening for lung cancer in heavy smokers this week, as part of a European wide study. Some 180,000 people from the Amsterdam region between the ages of 60 and 79 were invited to take part in the trial if they had smoked at least 20 cigarettes a day for 35 years or more. Other trials, in Drachten and Bilthoven, will follow shortly. The Amsterdam trial is set up to... More >

Pro-Russian hackers target Dutch hospitals

Pro-Russian hackers are believed to have launched cyberattacks against hospitals in the Netherlands and other European countries as revenge for their support for Ukraine. Z-Cert, an organisation that specialises in digital security in the healthcare sector, said Groningen’s UMCG teaching hospital had been hit by a DDoS attack that had taken down its website. On Monday the website’s home page carried a message saying it was unavailable. ‘We are working hard on a solution, but are unable to indicate how... More >

Family doctors sign healthcare reform plan

Family doctors association LHV has now agreed to sign up to the government’s new healthcare accord which aims to modernise the approach to care in the coming years. Eleven other organisations have already signed the agreement, but family doctors wanted health insurers to commit to funding longer appointment with patients and more guarantees on evening and weekend rates. Health minister Ernst Kuipers has welcomed the LHV’s decision to cooperate. ‘By working with everyone involved, we can come up with the... More >