Monday 21 October 2019

Dutch call for global dementia strategy

The Dutch health minister has called for a global strategy to deal with dementia at a meeting of world experts in Japan. Hugo De Jonge likened the growth in this group of neurological conditions to the epidemic of HIV and Aids in the 1980s, and urged countries around the world to invest in research. ‘Only when it became clear how quickly the epidemic of HIV/Aids was taking hold – it spread like wildfire, taking milions of lives around the globe... More >

Minister gets tough on opioid abuse

Healthcare minister Bruno Bruins is bringing in new measures to reduce the use of heavy opioid painkillers in the Netherlands, and tackle the illegal trade in pills. The aim is to inform people better about the risk of using the painkillers for a longer period. ‘The unnecessary and irresponsible use of heavy painkillers has to stop,’ Bruins said in a briefing for MPs. ‘We do not want to end up like America.’ On Friday the minister launched a website More >

Dutch doctors set up vaping hotline

Dutch lung specialists are launching a 24/7 hotline for doctors to report problems associated with smoking e-cigarettes, the AD said on Friday. The decision follows the publication of new research in the US which shows a link between using nicotine-based vaping and cancer for the first time. The research, say Dutch experts, is ‘worrying’. Some three-quarters of e-cigarette users in the Netherlands use liquids containing nicotine, the AD said. On Monday, specialists called for a total ban on e-cigarettes on... More >

Zeeland holiday doctor scheme is a success

Zeeland has said its scheme to recruit seasonal family doctors for the summer months with the lure of free holiday accommodation has proved a success. The GPs’ co-operative body for the province, the Zeeuwse Huisartsencoöperatie, hired the ‘holiday doctors’ to cope with the influx of tourists during the season, just at a time when local medics are away on their own holidays. Eight young doctors were recruited from other parts of the Netherlands to cover a medical practice in Vlissingen... More >

Heath privacy law 'unworkable and unsafe'

Health minister Bruno Bruins is postponing new healthcare privacy legislation on the grounds that it is too complex and could endanger life, the Financieele Dagblad reports. From July 2020, patients were to have the right to choose which of the medical data in their electronic file is shared with other health professionals. The minister has now been told by the advisory body ATR, which investigates the extra administrative pressures of new measures, that the proposed rules are unworkable and may... More >