Saturday 27 November 2021

Covid testing centres hit maximum capacity

The demand for coronavirus tests is now so high that regional health board testing centres have reached their maximum capacity, umbrella organisation GGD GHOR said on Monday evening. Attempts to scale up to 120,000 tests a day will be difficult because of the shortage of staff. ‘Many people are saying we should bring in more workers,’ programme director Jaap Eikelboom said. ‘It’s a logical reaction, but the current labour market is working against us. We are working hard to recruit... More >

Health insurance rises around €3 a month

Nearly all health insurance companies have now published their premiums for 2022 with most rising between €3 and €8 a month. All insurance companies must publish their new fees by midnight on Friday, ahead of the year end window to switch provider. The increases put the price of a most basic policies at between €130 to €135 per month, slightly more than the government had forecast at when it presented its spending plans for 2022 in September. The government determines... More >

Pay deal sealed for teaching hospitals

Healthcare unions and employers have reached agreement on a new pay deal for staff at the Netherlands’ eight university teaching hospitals, averting the threat of a third day of strike action. The new deal gives the 80,000 staff a monthly pay rise of at least €75 and also includes agreements on reducing the pressure at work. Workers will also get a €90 bonus if their roster is changed within 72 hours of a shift. University medical centre staff have twice... More >

Anti-abortion ads cause record complaints

An anti-abortion television and radio ad campaign has generated nearly 700 complaints to the advertising standards authority, the highest number ever received for a single advert. The campaign, supported by church groups and political parties, runs for a week every year. Public broadcaster advertising company Ster told news website earlier this week that it had not rejected the adverts because it is aware of censorship. The adverts do not conflict with the law and are covered by ‘freedom of... More >

New coronavirus cases top 12,000

In total, 12,024 new cases of coronavirus were reported to public health institute RIVM in the 24 hours to Saturday morning, the fourth highest daily total since the pandemic began. The worst three days for positive tests were in mid December last year, with the total reaching 12,997 on December 20. Last Saturday, the RIVM reported nearly 8,000 cases but the daily total has been over 10,000 for the past three days. Saturday’s figures take the average number of new... More >