Saturday 23 January 2021

Primary schools, daycare to remain shut until at least February 8: cabinet

Primary schools, daycare to remain shut until at least February 8: cabinet

Primary schools and daycare centres will not be allowed to open on January 25, as the cabinet had hoped, education minister Arie Slob confirmed on Sunday. The decision to keep schools shut until at least February 8 is ‘unfortunately unavoidable’, Slob said, after Sunday’s meeting between ministers and health experts. ‘I realise this is a blow for teachers, parents and pupils,’ he said. ‘Helping your children with their school work while you are doing your own job is very difficult... More >

Vaccine delivery dates too optimistic: NOS

Some 1.1 million doses of coronavirus vaccine which health minister Hugo de Jonge is counting on for the first three months of the year will not arrive before the end of March, broadcaster NOS said on Friday. NOS has asked all the companies involved in making vaccines about their likely delivery dates and says several of them will not make deliveries in line with the Dutch planning. According to De Jonge’s schedule, the Netherlands will have eight million doses of... More >

Over a million change health insurer

Some 1.1 million people changed health insurance company during the annual window for switching providers at the end of the year, according to preliminary figures from health insurance association ZN. Once the remaining switchers, who have until the end of January to pick a new provider are included, the percentage of people making the change will be around 6.5%, like last year, ZN said. The number of people checking ZN’s own information about the differences between insurance policies during the... More >

MPs change position on IC lottery

MPs do not, after all, want a ban on age being used as a selection category if there is no more space in intensive care and have asked hospital care minister Tamara van Ark to rethink her plan. MPs from three of the four coalition parties plus most of the opposition now say they do not want the government to press ahead with legislation, even though most voted in favour of the idea earlier this year, broadcaster NOS reported. Van... More >

Dutch more accepting of Covid vaccine

An increasing number of people in the Netherlands now say they are willing to be vaccinated against coronavirus, according to a new survey by Ipsos on behalf of broadcaster NOS. Around half the representative group of 1,000 people said they would definitely be vaccinated and 25% said they ‘probably’ would. Earlier Ipsos surveys put the willingness to be vaccinated at 66% and 69%. One in 10 people said they did not know, 8% would definitely not be vaccinated and 7%... More >