Tuesday 07 April 2020

Dutch ramp up tests to assess virus spread

The number of coronavirus tests carried out in the Netherlands will expand considerably from Monday as local health boards start testing hospital staff, and the public health institute RIVM and blood bank Sanquin begin a project to find out how far the virus has spread. Up to now, only hospital staff and patients with serious symptoms have been tested – and some 18,000 people have been found to have the virus, of whom nearly 7,000 have been hospitalised. From today,... More >

Dutch corona hospital admissions decline

The official death toll from coronavirus in the Netherlands climbed by 115 on Sunday, according to the daily update from public health agency RIVM. This takes the official death toll to 1,766, although the true figure is likely to be higher. Three people under the age of 50 have now died, although all three had underlying health issues, the RIVM said. A further 253 people have been admitted to hospital overnight, a sharp drop on Saturday’s figure, although there may... More >

Coronavirus hospital admissions slow

The official death toll from coronavirus rose by 164 overnight to 1,651, according to the Saturday update from public health institute RIVM. The number of hospital admissions rose by 336, a clear drop on recent days. In total, 6,622 people have been or are still hospitalised with the disease. Some 16,627 people have tested positive, a rise of under 1,000 on Friday. The government plans to ramp up testing in the coming days. The number of people being treated in... More >

'Scrap rule for abortion pill' say orgs

Pro-abortion organisation Women on Waves and women’s support agency Bureau Clara Wichmann are urging health minister Hugo de Jonge to act swiftly to make the abortion pill available to women who are unable to make the requisite visit to an abortion clinic because of the corona crisis. Women who want to terminate an early pregnancy are bound by law to visit an abortion clinic before they can be given the drugs. The current coronavirus restrictions are making this impossible for... More >

Intensive care admissions near maximum

The number of people being treated for coronavirus in intensive care wards rose by 38 on Wednesday, although the figure is not complete, officials said on Wednesday evening. The number of intensive care patients had been rising at a rate of around 100 a day. In total, 1,147 people are now being treated in IC wards and there are some 200 beds still available. Officials are working round the clock to boost the number of intensive care beds to meet... More >