Sunday 22 May 2022

Doctors identify first cases of monkeypox in the Netherlands

Doctors identify first cases of monkeypox in the Netherlands

Public health institute RIVM has confirmed that ‘several people’ in the Netherlands have been diagnosed with monkeypox, following positive tests in eight other European countries, including Portugal, Britain and Belgium. Monkeypox is a virus, which primarily occurs in countries in West and Central Africa. The virus is common in rodents, but can also be transferred to humans. The World Health Organisation said on Friday 80 cases have now been confirmed worldwide and has said another 50 suspected cases are being... More >

Unions call for Long Covid compensation

Care workers and teachers who have developed Long Covid should be entitled to compensation from the government, trade unions said on Monday. The government did not do enough to protect the health of people working in healthcare or education during the height of the pandemic and thousands of them are entitled to cash payments, the FNV and CNV trade union federations, and the AOB teaching union say. The unions want the government to set up a €150 million fund for... More >

Consumers warned not to buy 'aphrodisiac'

Food standards authority NVWA has urged retailers to withdraw a herbal paste from sale that contains the active ingredient in Viagra. Research from Germany found that two teaspoons of Epimedyumlu Macun – marketed under brand names including Vi-Max Male and Power Honey – contains the same amount of sildenafil as one Viagra pill. Some online retailers even promote the honey as a ‘natural aphrodisiac’. The chemical is banned for non-medical use and the NVWA warned that it could cause side-effects... More >

Louis van Gaal treated for prostate cancer

Dutch national football coach Louis van Gaal is being treated for an aggressive form of prostate cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in 2020. Van Gaal, 70, went public with the news during an interview on television talk show Humberto to promote a new documentary about his life. His cancer diagnosis is discussed in the film. Van Gaal said he had not told the Oranje players about his diagnosis ahead of their World Cup preparations so as not to... More >