Tuesday 27 October 2020

Forced contraception for vulnerable women would prevent child abuse, say experts

Forced contraception for vulnerable women would prevent child abuse, say experts

Women who have problems with addiction, mental health or learning difficulties should be given compulsory contraception, a group of child protection experts has said. The advisory group, whose members include a former family judge and ex-VVD party senator Heleen Dupuis, said the measure was intended to prevent child abuse by mothers who were unable to cope with raising them. It said ‘hundreds’ of vulnerable women could be made to take a contraceptive injection or implant under the plan, though exact... More >

Tata Steel under fire over graphite rain

IJmuiden steel maker Tata Steel may be facing prosecution for breaking its environmental permits, broadcaster NOS said on Thursday, following a report in the Volkskrant newspaper. The company is under fire for not doing enough to stop so-called graphite rain showering people living in the nearby town of Wijk aan Zee, which can pose a risk to health. Tata’s permit states that emissions created by producing steel should not be released into the atmosphere but the graphite dust was still... More >

Cooking is a source of indoor pollution

Poor ventilation, particularly in the kitchen, is pushing fine particulate pollution levels to above the yearly average considered safe by the World Health Organisation in some Dutch homes according to research institute TNO. While the probe was too limited for the results to be applicable on a national level, it is a good indication of what is happening in many Dutch homes, TNO researcher Piet Jacobs told the Volkskrant. In total, 101 homes in the research project provided reliable measurements.... More >

'Most masks offer little virus protection'

Many face masks aimed at consumers offer little protection to users or the public against minute droplets which can spread coronavirus, according to research by Dutch current affairs programme Kassa. Researchers at Delft University of Technology developed a test using an artificial head which exhaled and inhaled as a human being, including microscopic aerosols, and found none of the six consumer masks tested were good. Best out of the test, and offering ‘reasonable protection’ were the blue tissue disposable masks,... More >

Utrecht man has West Nile virus

The mosquito borne West Nile virus has been found for the first time in a person who had not been abroad, health institute RIVM has said. Other people in the Netherlands have been found to have the virus but these cases were always traced to a stay abroad. The virus has been found in birds and mosquitos in the Utrecht region, which is where the man probably contracted it, the RIVM said. Horses and people can get the virus but... More >