Tuesday 17 September 2019

Collective health insurance is changing

Most people whose health insurance is organised via their job are unaware that the system is being shaken up from next year, according to research by Q&A. The government plans to cut the maximum discount on collective health insurance schemes from 10% to 5% next year, but 90% of people polled by the research group said they were not aware of the changes. A spokesman for health minister Bruno Bruins told the AD that insurers should be informing their clients... More >

Insurers fail in duty of care: dentists

Most insurers are failing in their duty of care by not actively informing parents that the dental treatment of their children is free, causing over half a million children never to visit the dentist, dentists association ANT claims. Parents often think their children’s dental care, like their own, is not covered in the basic insurance policy, but this is not the case. In a letter to health minister Bruno Bruins, the association demanded the minister force insurers to expressly point... More >

Amsterdam and Schiphol bad for health: RTL

Up to 15,000 people die each year from the effects of air and noise pollution and Schiphol and Amsterdam head the list of most unhealthy places in the Netherlands, RTL Nieuws reports. The broadcaster used data from government environmental quality watchdog RIVM to produce its own map of the most polluted places in the country. Traffic, industry and air traffic are the main polluters, the broadcaster said, and around Schiphol, Amsterdam and Rotterdam the chances of falling ill or dying... More >

Health insurance premiums to rise €3: AD

The government expects health insurance premiums to rise by around €3 a month next year, the AD said on Thursday, quoting cabinet sources. The estimated annual rise of €37 would take the average annual premium to €1,421, the paper said. The formal estimate will be published on September 17, when the government announces its 2020 spending plans. There are no plans to increase the standard own risk element in health insurance, which will remain at €385. Consumers can increase this... More >

No delay to ban on displaying cigarettes

There will be no delay to the ban on displaying cigarettes in shops for small tobacconists, despite calls for change by some VVD parliamentarians, junior health minister Paul Blokhuis has told MPs. MPs from the ruling coalition party VVD want a year extension to the ban on shops displaying cigarettes in public view to give small shopkeepers more time to prepare. The ban will come into force in July 2021. The government presented its plans to further reduce smoking nine... More >