Many Dutch children still don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables: report


Although Dutch children are eating more fruit and vegetables than they used to five years ago, many still don’t eat the recommended amount, according to a new report by the food advisory centre Voedingscentrum, CBS and the public health institute RIVM.

The research, which is carried out every year, shows that the under fours eat more fruit and veg than older children, particularly those aged nine to 12.

Almost two in five children eat enough fruit while just over two in five eat enough vegetables to meet official targets. Just over half eat the recommended amount of fish.

The most recent Voedingscentrum guidelines state that the under fours should eat 150 grammes of fruit a day, 50 to 100 grammes of vegetables and fish once a week.

Children aged four to 9 should eat double the amount of vegetables.

The report also found that children from families with well-educated parents are more likely to eat a healthy diet than those from low-skilled households.

The recommendations