Leefbaar Rotterdam, Forum voor Democratie, join forces in Rotterdam

Photo: DutchNews.nl

Right-wing populist parties Leefbaar Rotterdam and Forum voor Democratie are to join forces to fight the local elections next year, the two party leaders have told the Telegraaf.

The two parties, said leaders Thierry Baudet and Joost Eerdmans, share the same standpoints and FvD has ‘100s’ of members in Rotterdam who can strengthen the Leefbaar campaign. Leefbaar is part of the port city’s coalition government together with the Christian Democrats and D66.

Baudet and Eerdmans deny the combined campaign is a direct attack on Geert Wilders’ PVV which is also planning to participate in the Rotterdam vote. However, Eerdemans  told the Telegraaf does not understand why the PVV is targeting Rotterdam considering the work his party is doing.

The local elections take place in March next year. The PVV, which is currently only represented in The Hague and Almere, has said it plans to take part in dozens more areas.