Dordrecht chemical scare: Dupont knew about C8 health risks, AD

C8 was used to make teflon. Photo:

Chemical company Dupont was aware of the dangers presented by chemical compound C8 in the 1980s but continued to produce it in Dordrecht until 2012, the AD said on Wednesday.

The former Dupont plant – now Chemours – is at the centre of a health scare after the Dutch public health institute said last week that some people living close to factory have too much of the toxic chemical in their blood.

The AD says documents by Dupont researchers dating from 1982 recommend production be phased out because locals are being exposed to a potential carcinogenic substance. Dupont finally stopped production of C8, used to make non-stick Teflon, in 2012 after further research into the health impact.

MPs are due to debate the health situation around the plant later on Wednesday.

The company told the AD it had always acted responsibly in the light of the information available at the time.