Foreign students generate billions of euros for the Dutch economy

International students who stay in the Netherlands after completing their studies generate some €1.6bn for the treasury every year, according to research by EP-Nuffic.

Around 25% of international students will remain in the Netherlands for the rest of their lives after graduating, according to government estimates.

The figures show 42% of foreign students who graduated in 2008 were still in the Netherlands five years later, as were some 36% of the class of 2010. Students who took degrees in technical subjects or related to health and the natural sciences, are most likely to stay on, EP-Nuffic said.

Some 75,000 foreign students are currently studying at Dutch universities and hbo colleges, accounting for around 10% of the total student body.

Students from Germany, China, Indonesia, Poland and Belgium are most likely to stay in the Netherlands to work.

Jobs, languages, the weather? Why don’t international students stay on?