Poll of polls puts VVD, D66 and PVV neck and neck ahead of provincial vote

Voting form with red pencil filling in a black circleThe latest poll of polls ahead of next week’s provincial elections puts the VVD and D66 Liberal parties and the anti-Islam PVV level with support of between 14.6% and 17.3%.

Both the PVV and D66 have dropped slightly since the last poll of polls two weeks ago. The Christian Democrats are in fourth place with support of 11.3% to 14%, with the Socialists and Labour a couple of percentage points behind them.

The poll of polls is a compilation of four different polls which were carried out before the resignation of the two VVD justice ministers over payments to a drugs baron. It is unclear what impact this will have on VVD voters.

However, a survey by television current affairs show EenVandaag on Tuesday, the day after the resignations, showed VVD voters are unlikely to change their position.