Saturday 10 December 2022

Cash out

There seems to be a lot of agonizing going on at the moment about how people should pay for goods and services. And with two armed robberies in Amsterdam yesterday, it is understandable that the move is away from cash. More >


Amsterdam’s image as a tourist hot spot has taken a few knocks recently, with tales of rip-of merchants posing as taxi drivers, rude café staff and hoards of drunken Brits on every street corner. More >


It is that time of year again. The schools are almost all back, there are hopes of an Indian summer… and the first of the pre-budget leaks have hit the papers. More >


It is bizarre, to say the least, that at a time when the Netherlands is worried about losing its image as a gay-friendly country, justice ministry officials seem to regard calling someone ‘homo’ as an insult. More >


The Dutch Labour party has a mini rebellion on its hands that could, if not properly managed, turn into a fully-fledged coup. Around 25 party members including a number of big names, want the party to become more left wing. They want to fight moves to make it easier to sack people, a super tax on the wealthy and a referendum over the new EU treaty. More >


So Dutch pig farmers are planning to build ever-bigger pig farms in an effort to keep their heads above water because of cheaper pork production elsewhere. More >


It would be nice, now that the schools are going back and life is returning to normal after the summer break, if MP Geert Wilders would finally take himself off on holiday and leave the front pages to everyone else. More >


Things have come to a pretty pass when the country that so enthusiastically invented the Big Brother tv show is now drawing up petitions to have ‘son of Big Brother’ – better known as the Golden Cage – removed from our screens. More >


It is about time that patients’ organisations started calling on doctors to be more available, not only via the telephone but also person to person. More >


The good old Labour party (PvdA) has come up with the best possible way of dealing with the Dutch under-age drinking problem – make it a criminal offence for a juvenile to be found with alcohol in his or her possession. More >


Does anyone apart from junior transport minister Tineke Huizinga still think privatising public transport actually benefits anyone other than the private companies and their shareholders? More >

Self deluded

The national statistics office CBS said yesterday that there has been a ‘spectacular’ increase in the number of self-employed in the Netherlands – up 9% in the first quarter of the year. More >

Clever business

The takeover battle for ABN Amro Bank has spawned an interesting sub plot: the battle of the business schools. British bank Barclays, one of the contenders for ABN Amro, yesterday pledged to invest €20m in a business school in Amsterdam if its bid is successful. This flies in the face of a Dutch initiative Holland Financial Center which aims to set up a business school for top talent. More >