A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Orange pride and prejudice

Any foreigner arriving in Amsterdam on April 30 to be confronted with a sea of orange wigs, beer and loud music would be forgiven for thinking that he had either landed on another planet or that the traditional image of the sober, modest and hardworking Dutchman was a myth. (more…)  More >

Dutch, part-time champions, fight labour shortage

The Netherlands must get more women, immigrants and older people into jobs and make everyone work longer hours if the economy is to avoid a return to steeply rising wages which choked off growth five years ago. (more…)  More >

No pain, no gain? Giving birth Dutch-style

When I discovered I was expecting a baby during my posting to the Netherlands, I spent much of my pregnancy trying to work out how to avoid a traditional Dutch birth -- at home and with no pain relief. (more…)  More >

Volleyball: British team going Dutch for 2012

How best to prepare the fledgling British volleyball team for the heat of Olympic competition in 2012? By standing in for a club in the Netherlands, of course, and competing in their league, as Mike Rowbottom discovers in Amstelveen (more…)  More >

Cruijff’s Return to Amsterdam Sparks Soccer Championship Hopes

Dutch soccer fan Omar van Ommeren remembers the first time he heard the name Johan Cruijff. ``A friend said, Omar, you have to see this,'' the 70-year- old Van Ommeren said in an interview at the Amsterdam ArenA stadium, home to AFC Ajax NV. ``There's this skinny kid who can play football like nobody you've ever seen.'' (more…)  More >

Dutch anti-Semitism revisited

A poll taken earlier this month found that only 53 percent of the Dutch would consider voting for a Jewish prime minister. In the rankings, Jews figured far behind women (93%), homosexuals (78%) and blacks (75%), but well before Muslims (27%) and people over 70. (more…)  More >

Nazi-era singer returns to stage

A 104-year-old Dutch cabaret singer who once performed in Nazi Germany has given a concert in the Netherlands for the first time in four decades. There were protests and tight security around the theatre in Amersfoort where Johannes Heesters appeared. (more…)  More >

Iran urges Dutch not to air Koran film

Iran has urged the Netherlands to prevent the screening of a film in which a right-wing populist lawmaker plans to lay out his view of the Koran, a news agency in the Islamic Republic said on Saturday. (more…)  More >

Under the Knife

At the ABN Amro head office in Zuidas - Amsterdam's futuristic new business hub on the southern outskirts - lights burn long into the night. The area was planned in the 1990s around this monument to Dutch financial power. That centrepiece has now fallen. The building is now field headquarters to a Scottish-led invasion force. (more…)  More >

Singer, 104, Takes Stage Amid Protests

Several dozen people protested outside a theater Saturday where a 104-year-old singer who once performed for Adolf Hitler took the stage in the Netherlands for the first time in four decades. (more…)  More >

Safe as houses? Dutch history says otherwise

The house sugar merchant Cornelis Sasbout built in 1617 at number 150 on Amsterdam's Herengracht canal tells a cautionary tale about investing in property -- prices fluctuate wildly, but are ultimately flat. (more…)  More >

Dutch refuse to sign off on EU accounts

Financial Times: The Netherlands is to refuse to sign off on the European Union's accounts, in an attempt to force national governments to take more responsibility for the European money they spend. (more…)  More >

In the land of the Dutch Black, the cyclist is king of the road

The Age (Australia): I'd heard the stories about the Dutch Black, but nothing prepared me for the alternative universe that is Amsterdam. It was clear from the moment I stepped off the train that my wildest fantasies were about to become reality. I'm not talking about the sex and drugs; heaps of cities have that. It was the bikes — they were everywhere and in every shape and size imaginable: bikes for cruising, bikes for shopping, bikes for couples, bikes for carrying a whole tantrum of toddlers, and even bikes for the frail and wobbly. (more…)  More >

Dutch-American conference set

The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center will be hosting a conference titled "The Dutch-American Experience in Wisconsin: 1840-Present" Sept. 25-27. Experts from the Netherlands and the U.S. will work side-by-side with local historical groups and historians to present a picture of the vibrant Dutch-American culture which thrives in Wisconsin. (more…)  More >