A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

UT News: Beyond pomp and circumstance

Masses of Dutch ‘commoners’ will flock to the streets on 30 April to celebrate Queen Beatrix’s birthday. But who are the Dutch royals, really? Marloes van Amerom introduces some of the Royal Family’s most remarkable members. (more…)  More >

CNN: Queen’s Day – Go Dutch for an alternative royal celebration

While much of the world's attention will be fixed on a certain royal wedding in London, Prince William's nuptials are not the only royal affair happening this weekend. The orange craze, or "oranjegekte" in Dutch, returns to Netherlands on Saturday, when millions of revelers wearing head-to-toe orange will hit the streets across the nation to celebrate Queen's Day. (more…)  More >

Independent: Cash in on a double dose of Dutch hospitality

The cost of higher education in the Netherlands may be less than you think. Not only are fees lower than they are in the UK, but extra support is available to British students to help them pay the rent, buy their course equipment, and enjoy the social life their new country of residence has to offer. (more…)  More >

Washington Post: An attic sale fit for a king or queen

rom threadbare armchairs to marble mantel clocks, garden furniture to a silver pocket knife, thousands of the late Dutch Queen Juliana’s possessions are going under the hammer in an attic sale fit for a king. (more…)  More >

Daily Mail: the land that feminism forgot

They wouldn't dream of working full-time, spend three hours a day drinking coffee and their men pay for everything - have Dutch women found the secret to happiness? (more…)  More >