A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Students move in with residents in Dutch nursing home

What do you do when you’re stuck in student housing and are fed-up of the noise and poor conditions? Call-up your local nursing home, of course. That’s exactly what one Dutch student, Onno Selbach, did when the student halls at his university in the city of Deventer, Netherlands, became too much.   More >

St. Peter’s in the Polder

St. Peter’s in the Polder

It is one of the most surreal sights of the Netherlands. A copy of the St. Peter’s Basilica that out of nowhere raises itself high above the flat countryside surrounding the rural village of Oudenbosch.  More >

Why the Dutch oppose windmills

During its 17th-century golden age, the Netherlands was the world's most enthusiastic exploiter of wind technology. Over 10,000 windmills dotted the landscape; the city walls of Amsterdam were crowned with a row of them.  More >

City beaches in Amsterdam

Yeah! It’s summer! And what’s better than to go to the beach. We can of course go to Bloemendaal, Zandvoort or Wijk aan Zee driving when feel like a beach day. But in Amsterdam you will find a number of city beaches, where it’s also great to relax!  More >

My kind of place: Utrecht

Few cities are as strongly defined by a single mode of transport as Utrecht. Bicycles are chained to every metal railing or lamp post; cycle lanes swarm with pedal power at all hours of the day.  More >

A Dutch Belgian design showdown

Design Derby: Netherlands-Belgium (1825-2015), an exhibition at Rotterdam's Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen here, seeks to compare Dutch design in the past 200 years with that of its Belgian neighbours (and occasional rivals).  More >

A Matisse comes home, with friends

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam owns perhaps the most impressive “cut-out” that Henri Matisse created: “The Parakeet and the Mermaid” (1952). The work on paper, which measures about 12 feet by 25 feet, is a jewel in the museum’s permanent collection, taking pride of place in its Hall of Honor at the top of the grand central stairway.  More >

Dutch company plans to 3D-print a metal bridge in Amsterdam

Dutch company plans to 3D-print a metal bridge in Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based startup MX3D boasts the tagline 'Printing outside the box' on its home page, and its recently announced bridge project certainly complies. The company is planning to 3D-print an “intricate, ornate metal bridge” over a canal in Amsterdam.  More >

One year, a century of Dutch birthdays

For Ilvy Njiokiktjien, a stint as the Dutch national photographer turned into a never-ending party. Given the task in 2013 of exploring the theme of Family, she wondered about the moments that united extended clans. I thought of times when you see your relatives: funerals and birthdays,' she said. 'The latter seemed more fun, and appropriate.'  More >

Dutch ‘paddy power’ pulls electricity from rice fields

Dutch ‘paddy power’ pulls electricity from rice fields

Dutch scientists have developed a revolutionary system that could one day help isolated villages around the world steadily generate electricity from mundane water-logged plants such as rice growing in paddy fields. The system is based on the principle that plants produce more energy than they need.  More >