Dutch public prosecutor wants drug baron to hand over €64m

After-school club worker will be prosecuted for further alleged abuse

The Dutch public prosecution department has gone to court in an effort to win over €64m from a convicted drugs smuggler. The department says the 49-year-old man has smuggled thousands of kilos of cocaine into the Netherlands by plane from Brazil via Frankfurt. The drug was disguised as flammable paste for fondue sets and was ostensibly destined for a company in Poland. The gang are suspected of making at least 12 transports, bringing in over seven tonnes of the drug. In total, the department puts the value of the cocaine at €192,089,045, excluding costs of €16,405,822 for purchasing the drug, packing it and shipping it in. Because the man is thought to have worked with two accomplices, the public prosecution department is calling on him to hand over a third of the total proceeds. He was jailed for six years in 2011 but is currently appealing against that sentence.   More >