Four jihadis jailed for six years, but they are all in Syria anyway

Third body found in Amsterdam flat where father jumped to his death

Four men have been sentenced to six years in jail in absentia for joining Islamic terror groups in Syria and Iraq and planning to carry out terrorist attacks.Noureddin B, Abdullah R and Thijs B are thought to be in Syria or Iraq and Driss D is thought to be dead. No lawyers representing them were in court to hear the sentence, the Telegraaf reported.The four all left the Netherlands in 2012 or 2013 after coming into contact with extreme Muslim ideologies, the court had been told. Three of the four had a criminal record.The trial was part of the public prosecution service’s Context operation in which a number of alleged Dutch jihadis are being prosecuted. Last December eight men and one woman were sentenced to six years in jail and one case was suspended because the suspect had died.Operation Context was launched in 2013 when parents reported that their children had gone to Syria to join jihadi forces after being recruited by radicals in the Netherlands.The case against three others, who do have legal representation, is ongoing, the Telegraaf said.  More >

Four patients lose eye after hospital bug

Third body found in Amsterdam flat where father jumped to his death Four patients who developed an infection following an eye operation at Utrecht University’s teaching hospital last year have gone blind in one eye as a result, television current affairs show Zembla said on Friday.In total, six patients picked up an infection during the operation. The four who have lost an eye are holding the hospital responsible.The hospital has carried out an investigation into the infections but has been unable to find the cause, a spokesman told Zembla in a written statement. ‘A number of factors could have increased the risk of infection for these patients,’ the statement said.The hospital has offered all four a financial settlement, without accepting responsibility.CourtsJasper Keizer, who represents one of the patients, said the hospital is being much too vague. ‘They should be giving more clarity about the factors which may have led to the infection,’ he said. ‘And if they don’t, we will ask the courts to force the hospital to prove it is not responsible.’The hospital is currently under special health ministry supervision after a number of problems in different departments.  More >

Amsterdam ready for 15 days of EuroPride

Amsterdam turns pink and gears up for 15 days of EuroPrideFifteen days of parties, debates, concerts and other events start in Amsterdam on Saturday as the Dutch capital hosts EuroPride 2016.EuroPride, first held in 1991, takes place in a different European city every year and is being hosted by the Dutch capital in 2016 to mark 20 years of the Amsterdam Gay Pride organisation. This year the event has the motto ‘'join our freedom'.Over 300 events will take place between July 23 and August 7, including Pink Saturday at the Vondelpark and a pro human rights concert on Dam Square this Sunday. The traditional canal boat parade on August 6 includes floats hosted by gay Moroccans, LGBT Jews and the police force, as well as the European Commission.'We will celebrate that freedom but at the same time continue the fight for equal rights in Europe,' Lucien Spee, director of the Amsterdam Gay Pride organisation, told the festival's magazine.'This will continue until we have the right to be who we are, to have families, to lead full lives and to develop the careers that we want, wherever we are until we are fully accepted and embraced with dignity by our families, neighbours and colleagues throughout Europe.'ToleranceDespite the Netherlands' reputation for tolerance - the country was the first to legalise gay marriage for example - some 32% still consider two men kissing in public to be offensive, according to research published by the government’s socio-cultural think tank SCP in May.Almost one in four people finds the sight of two women kissing to be offensive, while 12% find a heterosexual couple kissing in public to be objectionable. While 83% of the native Dutch have no objections to gay marriage, just 27% of the Dutch Somali population and 30% of the Dutch Moroccan population think the same.Nevertheless, the percentage of people with an immigrant background who do not accept homosexuality and would be unhappy if their child was gay has gone down over the past eight years, the SCP figures show.AttacksDespite this, there has been a reported rise in attacks on gay men and women over the past years, but, experts say, this may be partly due to an increased willingness to report hate crimes.‘Tolerance has become part of the national myth, and it’s being instrumentalised by the right-wing party and the media. So nowadays you’ll hear a lot more about incidents between Muslim youths and gays because it serves the anti-immigration discourse,' University of Amsterdam sociologist  Laurens Buijs told website'But it’s also because the LGBT arm of the Dutch police, the Roze in Blauw (‘Pink in Blue’), has done a fabulous job at fostering a trusting relationship with the community,’ he said.Roze in Blauw spokeswoman Ellie Lust told the website: ‘We have lowered the threshold of tolerance for discrimination, and victims now come to us to report even verbal attacks. This has definitely affected the statistics.’  More >

Trump's American miner is a Dutch model

Dutch model is American miner on Trump jobs campaign poster The miner shown on one of Donald Trump's presidential campaign posters is actually a Dutch model, website Buzzfeed has pointed out.The poster, with the text ‘a working America is a winning America, features Trump in a baseball hat alongside a tough looking miner.However, far from being an American worker the miner is a Dutch model named Jan Jonkhout who was photographed by Haarlem photographer Ysbrand Cosijn.The photo is one of a series featuring Jonkhout and available via stock photo agency Shutterstock.Op campagneposter Trump blijkt Nederlander Jan Jonker afgebeeld als mijnwerker, foto van Ysbrand Cosijn uit Haarlem. — Herman Stam (@HermanStam) July 21, 2016   More >

Third body found in Amsterdam flat

Third body found in Amsterdam flat where father jumped to his deathThe death toll at the Amsterdam apartment block where a man jumped to his death carrying a baby rose to three later on Friday, after police found a third body inside the flat itself.The woman is the dead man’s mother and had been looking after the baby, broadcaster RTL said. When the child's mother went to pick up her son, she found her ex partner on the premises who threatened to detonate a hand grenade, the broadcaster said.She managed to escape, leaving her son with his father and grandmother. She alerted the police and a short while later, the man jumped out of a window in the third floor flat, killing himself and the child.Locals told the Telegraaf the 32-year-old father was a familiar face in the neighbourhood and that he had grown up in the apartment where his mother still lived.Police explosives experts had been brought in to deal with the grenade and neighbouring flats evacuated because of the explosives risk.  More >