Police to strike during football season opening in support of pay claim

Police to strike during football season opening in support of pay claim

Police unions campaigning for a pay rise plan to disrupt the start of the new football season by striking during the first days of play.The unions say in a press release they will strike during the matches on August 7 to 9 unless justice minister Ard van der Steur comes up with a better pay offer.Van der Steur has reached a deal with civil service unions for an offer which he says is worth 5.05% plus a €500 bonus.The police unions, however, say the deal is made up of a 2.85% rise over two years plus 2.2% from changes in the pension policy which may affect eventual pension payouts.[banner]If the strike goes ahead, it will be up to local mayors to decide if it is responsible to let the matches go ahead, the unions say. The only match which will not be affected is the Feyenoord Utrecht tie in Rotterdam on August 8.The bill for policing during football matches came to almost 300,000 hours in the 2013/14 season – of which almost half was due to security duties at Eredivisie matches.The police unions are also campaigning for improvements to police officers' secondary benefits.  More >

12 more sentenced in teen prostitute case

Police to strike during football season opening in support of pay claim One man has been jailed for five months, three suspended, and 11 others given community service sentences for having sex with a 16-year-old girl in a hotel room in Valkenburg last year.One man was found not guilty by the court in Maastricht because of a lack of evidence.The public prosecution department had called for sentences of up to one year. The man who was jailed had deliberately looked for a 'young and inexperienced' girl, the court said. 'So he took the risk that he would end up with a minor,' judges said in a statement.[banner]The girl, known in court as Kimberly, disappeared from her home in October last year and was found by police having sex with a man in a motel in December.Earlier this month, two other men were jailed and 10 others given community service sentences ranging from 180 to 240 hours. The girl’s 21-year-old pimp has been jailed for two years.According to broadcaster Nos, the public prosecution department is to appeal against the sentences, which it says are not long enough.  More >

Amsterdam maps show the city's many faces

From bees to barbecues: Amsterdam maps show the city’s many faces Amsterdam city council is publishing a series of online maps giving fascinating information about the Dutch capital, from the location of waste containers to the habitat of the oak processionary caterpillar.So far, some 90 maps have been published. Some give historic information like the location of listed buildings, while others show official aspects of living in the city like disabled parking bays and house values. One even shows where volunteer organisations are based, while another looks at the wild bee population.The collection was started by Klaas-Bindert de Haan, a mapping specialist who has worked for the city for 15 years, the Guardian reports. He says the maps are not just used by interested citizens but also by colleagues looking at city planning and sustainability.Check out the maps  More >

Dutch nationals dominate welfare claims

Police to strike during football season opening in support of pay claim Polish nationals are less likely to claim welfare benefits than the native Dutch,  according to new figures from the national statistics office CBS which were released on Thursday.However, other groups of immigrants and refugees are much more likely to be on benefits, the figures show.For example, the CBS says seven out of 10 Somali nationals and six out of 10 Syrians live on welfare (bijstand), compared with just 3% of the Dutch. Afghans, Eritreans and Iranians are also much more likely to be living on welfare.'A high percentage do not speak the language sufficiently and a relatively large percentage are low-skilled or without any relevant education,' the CBS said.[banner]Nevertheless, Dutch nationals account for by far the majority of welfare claims - some 400,000 are currently living on welfare benefits. Refugee claims account for a tiny percentage of the total. There are just 7,210 Somali nationals living on welfare and 5,580 Iraqis.Poles account for the lowest take-up in the immigrant group studied. Just 2% of the Dutch Polish population was claiming welfare at the end of 2014 - a total of 1,690 people, the CBS said.  More >

Shell to cut 6,500 jobs this year

Police to strike during football season opening in support of pay claim Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell is cutting 6,500 jobs this year as a result of low oil prices, the company said on Thursday.Shell has a global workforce of some 94,000 but it is not yet clear where the job losses will fall. Both staff members and direct contractors will be affected.‘Today’s oil price downturn could last for several years, and Shell’s planning assumptions reflect today’s market realities,’ chief executive Ben van Beurden said in a statement.[banner]‘The company has to be resilient in today’s oil price environment, even though we see the potential for a return to a $70-$90 oil price band in the medium term.’Shell's second quarter 2015 earnings were $3.4bn compared with $5.1bn for the same quarter a year ago on a current cost of supplies basis.  More >