Two men shot dead in gangland killing in Zoetermeer

Four Frenchmen arrested trying to steal nature reserve goslings

Two men have been shot dead on an industrial estate in the east of Zoetermeer in what appears to be a gangland killing, police said on Tuesday. According to the Telegraaf, eyewitnesses saw a BMW pull up at speed at around 11am on Tuesday morning. One man in a balaclava jumped out and opened fire on the two victims who were sitting in a car near to a car paint shop and a boxing school. After the shooting, the BMW drove off. The car was later found burnt out a few streets away. Nothing has yet been said about the identity of the victims but police have said they do not know if there is a connection to an armed robbery in Zoetermeer earlier in the day.   More >

Give firms more takeover defences: MPs

Four Frenchmen arrested trying to steal nature reserve goslings A majority of MPs in the new-look Dutch parliament would back legislation to protect Dutch companies against hostile takeovers, television current affairs show Nieuwsuur said on Tuesday. Unilever and PostNL were recently targeted in takeover attempts by foreign firms and AkzoNobel is currently being wooed by an American paint maker. Although Dutch firms can invoke various takeover defences, some experts say they should be given more options. ‘In the end it is down to money, and that is something you cannot fight against,’ former finance minister Willem Vermeend told the programme. The Dutch employers organisation VNO-NCW has also called for more protection for Dutch companies. Two of the four parties involved in the current coalition negotiations – the Liberal democratic party D66 and the Christian Democrats – say they back extra measures, as do the Socialists, Labour and the anti-immigration PVV. ‘We think the government should introduce a period for reflection when a hostile takeover is launched – time that a company can use to convince its shareholders that the deal is not a good one,’ D66 MP Jan Paternotte said. ‘At the moment, such a takeover can be completed very quickly.’ MPs will soon meet a number of company bosses and investors to discuss takeover protection and will also debate the issue with caretaker economic affairs minister Henk Kamp. Kamp said on Tuesday that he is looking at government options. ‘I think it is the Netherlands’ interests to make sure Dutch multinationals continue to be led from the Netherlands,’ he said.  More >

Birthday ear plugs for all 16-year-olds?

Four Frenchmen arrested trying to steal nature reserve goslings Local officials in the Arnhem commuter town of Westervoort will today vote on whether or not to present all 16-year-olds with a set of earplugs to protect their hearing. The gift will cost the council around €1,500 a year, according to alderman Arthur Boone, who is in charge of health. Some 175 youngsters turn 16 every year in Westervoort, which has a population of some 15,000. ‘€1,500 is a lot cheaper than the potential consequences of damage to hearing,’ Boone, who himself has hearing loss in one ear, said. The council is also considering handing out ear plugs at concerts and festivals. According to research by hearing charity Hoorstichting, one in five youngsters suffers from some form of hearing damage due to loud music.   More >

Frenchmen arrested with stolen goslings

Four Frenchmen arrested trying to steal nature reserve goslings Four French nationals have been arrested for trying to steal 45 goslings and several eggs from the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve near Almere. According to local broadcaster Omroep Flevoland, police and wardens are keeping an eye out for cars with French number plates after reports that poachers were tipping each other off about the ease of picking up goslings to use as lures. The men were probably planning to clip the goslings’ wings so they could not fly and then use them to attract other geese which they could then shoot. Despite the measures being taken to reduce the size of the Dutch geese population, taking geese from the reserve is a criminal offence. The punishment handed out to the poachers has not been made public. Afgelopen weekend samen met @Politie_Almere en @Boa_OFGV 4 personen aangehouden bij de #Oostvaardersplassen die 45 ganzen hadden gevangen. — Bertwin Bergman (@Bosw8erBertwin) April 24, 2017   More >

Long queues at Schiphol due to negligence

Four Frenchmen arrested trying to steal nature reserve goslings The long waits travellers at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport are currently experiencing are due to negligence on the part of the airport authorities, the operational director of airline KLM says in Tuesday’s Telegraaf. Unrestrained growth, marketing bonuses focusing on passenger numbers and a lack of investment have led to the queues, René de Groot told the paper. Last weekend passengers were waiting an average of 100 minutes to get through security controls and several hundred missed flights, the paper said. ‘Schiphol has made the wrong choices,’ he said. ‘The airport has used marketing bonuses to generate unnecessary growth and has neglected to invest in proper infrastructure.’ Complaints about long waits first emerged last summer and this January, KLM director Pieter Cornelisse warned that queues to go through security would be long at peak periods this year. Last year the airport processed 63.6 million passengers, a rise of 9% compared with 2015. KLM says Schiphol is allowing more aircraft to use its facilities when it does not have the proper capacity to deal with them. Schiphol told the Volkskrant that the new, temporary terminal will absorb much of the holiday traffic pressure this year. A new pier will be opened in 2019 and a new terminal four years after that.  More >