Utrecht serial rapist jailed for the maximum 16 years

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Serial rapist Gerard T has been jailed for 16 years for a series of rapes around Utrecht over a 20-year period.T, from Nieuwegein, was charged with four rapes, three in1995 and one in 2001. Police believe he is responsible for 22 incidents in total but in many cases there was not enough evidence to take to court.The maximum sentence for rape in the Netherlands is 12 years, but in T’s case it was raised by one-third, because he is on trial for four offences. Two of his victims were under the age of 18.The 52-year-old was only linked to the rapes in the summer of 2014 after he stole a decoy bike, placed by police to catch bicycle thieves. He gave a DNA sample which matched the profile of the serial rapist in Utrecht.  More >