Sharp drop in under-16s smoking, but they take up the habit in their 20s

TV presenter takes action over ‘surge of racist comments’

The number of under-16s who smoke has dropped sharply over the past few years but there has been no real reduction in smoking rates in other age groups, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.At the end of the 1990s some 10% of the under-16s smoked, but that has now fallen to 1.3%, the CBS said.The highest number of smokers is among people in their 20s, where almost four in 10 smoke and 60% them smoke every day.Fewer over-30s smoke but up to 85% of them light up on a daily basis, the CBS said.  More >

TV presenter to fight racist comments

TV presenter takes action over ‘surge of racist comments’Television presenter turned political hopeful Sylvana Simons said on Tuesday she would make a formal police complaint about the 'surge of racist, sexist and discriminatory reactions' her decision to go into politics had generated.By making a complaint it would make clear that 'demonstrable injustice should never go unpunished', political party Denk, which Simons joined earlier this month, said in a statement.'It is time that the social discussion about racism took place in the political arena,' Simons told reporters. 'Combating injustice begins with registering it.'The public prosecution department said last week it was looking into the comments directed at Simons to see if they were punishable by law.After going public with her decision to join Denk, Simons was dismissed on social media as a ‘Netherlander hater’, a ‘whingeing negro’ and an ‘Erdogan helpmate’.One PVV supporter also launched a Facebook campaign to have her 'waved out' of the Netherlands on December 6, alongside Sinterklaas.  More >

Dutch rapper questioned over luxury car

Dutch rapper’s colour, luxury car led to police questioningPolice in Zwolle have admitted that Dutch rapper Typhoon was pulled over while driving and questioned because he was 'young, was driving a brand new luxury car and because of his skin colour'.Typhoon, real name Glenn de Randamie, reported this incident on his Instagram account, saying it is not the first time he has been stopped by police while driving.'The duty officer (friendly chap, so that's not an issue) admitted he had preconceptions and that drugs money could be involved,' Typhoon said on Instagram. 'Unfortunately this is the umpteenth time this has happened to me and I am a famous face. Others don't have that advantage.'The police later issued a statement saying they regretted the incident. Local police chief Arjan Mengerink said: 'We consider it crucial that the police are always neutral. We must not select on the basis of appearance or origin, which is why we thought it important to deal with this immediately.'AngerThe police officer involved is aware he made an error and had admitted this, Mengerink said.Labour leader Diederik Samsom said he was extremely angry about the case. 'A famous Dutchman is stopped because of his skin colour,' Samsom said. 'We should realise this happens to dozens of unknown Dutch people with dark skin on a daily basis.'Typhoon broke through in 2014 with the album Lobi Da Basi, which was declared the best record of the year by the Volkskrant. Last July he was co-signatory to an opinion piece in the paper calling for racism within the Dutch police force to be recognised.  More >

Artists call for online copyright reform

TV presenter takes action over ‘surge of racist comments’A group of Dutch artists has written to the European Parliament calling for better rules to govern the use of creative works online.In an open letter to MEPs, the group claims artists, writers and musicians are missing out on billions of euros in compensation because websites such as Facebook refuse to compensate them, NOS reported.'Some of these platforms (Facebook, for example) use material without paying compensation to rights holders,' the letter said. 'These platforms, some of which have millions of users, earn a lot of money from advertising or the exploitation of users' personal data using material we have created.'The European Commission is currently working on new copyright legislation and is expected to come forward with a proposal in the autumn.  More >

Heineken tops favourite employer list

TV presenter takes action over ‘surge of racist comments’ Dutch students' would most like to work for beer giant Heineken, which has now toppled airline KLM from first place in the annual ranking compiled by employment consultancy Universum.In total, nearly 20,000 students at 33 universities and hbo colleges were asked who they would like as an employer when they graduated. Google, Nike and Apple completed the top five.Universum also looked at the results on a subject by subject basis and found law students would most like to work for the government, followed by law firm Loyens & Loeff.  Science students opt for the big tech firms while Heineken, KLM and Google  are most popular with business studies students.Online retailers and Coolblue are new entrants in the top 20.  More >