Civil servant arrested in super rich robbery probe

A civil servant who works for The Hague city council has been arrested as part of an investigation into a gang of burglars who preyed on wealthy people on the Quote 500 rich list, news agency ANP said on Friday.

The woman, 29, is suspected of passing on details about the victims to the gang from council files, ANP said. She was arrested on Wednesday at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport after returning from holiday and faces charges of money laundering and burglary.
The Telegraaf says another woman, aged 26, was arrested on Thursday after turning herself in.
Some 15 people were arrested at the beginning of October following a string of burglaries at large homes in The Hague region.
At the time, there were claims the gang had selected their victims on the basis of entries in Quote magazine. The annual ranking lists the 500 wealthiest people in the Netherlands.
Super rich country houses targeted by same gang
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