More cases of bird flu in the Netherlands, poultry farmers fear the worst

More cases of bird flu in the Netherlands, poultry farmers fear the worst

Three more cases of avian flu have been identified at Dutch poultry farms, this time near Kamperveen in Overijssel, the economic affairs ministry said on Friday. The first farm, which rears broiler chickens and has around 10,000 birds on site, was identified on Friday morning. One of the other two farms had some 15,000 ducks. All three farms are being cleared. On Thursday avian flu was found...  More >

No conviction for Mein Kampf sale

No conviction for Amsterdam shop owner who sold Mein Kampf An Amsterdam shopkeeper who sold several antique copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, has been let go by judges in Amsterdam without a conviction. The public prosecution department had said Michiel van Eyck should be fined €1,000 for selling the book. Although owning the book is legal in the Netherlands, it is not legal to sell it. The court said the book does still contain comments insulting to Jews and incites hatred, discrimination and anti-Jewish violence. It should therefore remain illegal to sell copies. Van Eyck, represented by lawyer Gerard Spong, says the ban has been overtaken by events and anyone can download a copy or buy one via internet. In addition, he only sold the book to collectors and historians, website reported. Partly based on this development, the court said a conviction would be going too far and is not necessary in order to protect Jews against discrimination and hatred. History The Totalitarian Art Gallery had three copies of the book...  More >

Dutch will pay €642m surcharge this year

Dutch will pay EU €642m surcharge before the end of 2014 The Netherlands will pay an EU contribution surcharge of €642m before the end of this year, finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem said after the weekly cabinet meeting. The Netherlands can pay the bill earlier than expected because of various treasury windfalls, Dijsselbloem said. Dijsselbloem had earlier negotiated a delay until September 1 2015 and an agreement that the bill could be paid in installments. Despite initial scepticism, Dijsselbloem said last week the new Brussels calculations, which cover several years, do appear to be correct and the Netherlands would pay up.  More >

Dutch girl, 17, escapes from kidnappers

Police in Limburg investigate attempted kidnapping of girl, 17 Police in Limburg are investigating an apparent attempted kidnapping after a 17-year-old girl said she had managed to escape from a couple in a Renault car. The attempted kidnapping took place near the village of Sevenum on Friday morning. A major police search has been started. The girl told police she had been knocked off her bike by an unknown man in a balaclava who may also have had a gun. She was then stuffed in the back of a car in which a woman was also sitting. She managed to escape via the back seat and sound the alarm, news agency ANP said.  More >

Dutch bring gold reserves back home

Dutch bring 120 tonnes of gold back to Amsterdam from New York The Dutch central bank has secretly brought a large part of the national gold reserves being held in a secure depot in New York back to Amsterdam. In total, 120 tonnes of gold valued at €4bn has been brought back to the Netherlands by ship, Nos television said. The high security reparations for the move took months. The central bank decided to bring some of its gold reserves back to the Netherlands to ensure a better spread, the bank said in a statement. In addition, the bank hopes to boost consumer confidence by showing there is enough gold in the Netherlands to take the country through a new economic crisis. Now 31% of the Dutch gold reserves are in Amsterdam, the same percentage as in New York. The rest is in Ottowa and London. The Netherlands has 612 tonnes of gold – worth €19bn at current gold prices, Nos said.  More >