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What is your position on the EU parliament election in June?
I plan to vote
I would vote if I could but I am not European
I am not interested
The EU parliament should be abolished
I don't know anything about it
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26-06-2010 Since postal delivery has been opened up to competition..
25-06-2010 The coalition talks have stalled. What should happen next?
17-06-2010 Who will win the World Cup?
09-06-2010 The next coalition government will be
03-05-2010 Which party gets your vote on June 9?
27-04-2010 Should bin men and street cleaners be allowed to strike on Queen's Day?
22-04-2010 Is freedom of speech more important than insulting religious believers
15-04-2010 Should the prostitution age be increased?
09-04-2010 Should the SGP be allowed to stop women becoming MPs?
07-04-2010 How big was your pay rise last year?
02-04-2010 What would you do to get government spending under control?
01-04-2010 The tax cuts and spending cuts in the 20 working party reports
30-03-2010 Should women graduates be expected to work as much as men?
24-03-2010 What should happen to tax relief on mortgages?
12-03-2010 Is Job Cohen the best man to lead Labour?
08-03-2010 Should Balkenende resign as CDA leader?
25-02-2010 Which draft law would you like to see scrapped?
20-02-2010 Was Labour right to pull out of the cabinet?
18-02-2010 Should local election posters be in Dutch only?
17-02-2010 Is Labour right to force a cabinet crisis?
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Studying for an MBA abroad takes all sorts of investments but the returns are definitely worth it, says Yoony Kim.
Be grateful and denounce IS?
photo Dutch newspapers
Why should ordinary Muslims be asked to denounce IS, 'megaphone in hand', asks Nourdine Tighadouini.
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