A hot autumn ahead: biggest union goes for 3% pay rise

Despite employer and cabinet calls for moderation, the country’s biggest trade union federation FNV says a 3% pay rise will be central to this year’s wage negotiations.

‘Inflation of 2.75% and years of cuts in spending power make 3% an extremely responsible demand,’ pay negotiation chief Mariette Patijn said in a statement. ‘Spending power, the quality of work and jobs – that is what it is all about.’

This is the highest increase in years, Nos television reports. In 2012, the FNV called for a 2.5% increase while wages eventually rose an average 1.4%.


The federation is also holding a national day of action on November 30 to protest at government policies.

If the government presses ahead with plans to freeze civil service salaries – reversing earlier commitments – the cabinet will have a ‘serious problem’ with the FNV, chairman Ton Heerts told television chat show Nieuwsuur on Monday evening.

The CNV union federation has not yet published its 2013 pay demand.