More millionaires in the Netherlands

The number of Dutch households with more than $1m (€760,000) in assets rose nearly 13% last year, according to research by the Boston Consultancy Group and quoted by news agency ANP.

In 2012 there were 191,000 Dutch households worth more than $1m, compared with 170,000 in 2011. Together they control €396bn in assets, the consultancy said. The increase is largely due to rises on the stock exchange, ANP said.

Worldwide, 13.8 million households have assets worth more than $1m.

Qatar has the most millionaires per head of the population at almost 15%. The Netherlands is in 12th place with 2.6% of the population made up of millionaires. The Netherlands has 149 households with more than $100m in assets, ANP said.

Some 60% of Dutch household assets are wrapped up in pension funds and life assurance policies. Excluding them, the Netherlands has just 99,000 millionaires.