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'The Netherlands continues to discriminate against Iranian students'

Monday 25 February 2013

The Netherlands is continuing to discriminate against Iranian students by requiring a special permit for some studies, despite a high court ruling last year which says this is illegal.

Trouw reports on Monday that three Dutch Iranian nationals are demanding the government apologise for the damage to their careers and that a new policy is implemented immediately.

Iranian students face extra paperwork in order to take part in nine different Master degrees. The policy stems from UN sanctions against Iran, aimed at preventing access to nuclear technology.

Human rights

But in December, the Dutch high court said the practice was discriminatory and conflicted with the European treaty on human rights.

Three dual-national Dutch-Iranians – an undergraduate, a graduate student and a professor – went to court to have the ban ruled illegal. Lower courts also found in their favour.

Although they are now free to pursue their careers, a number of other academics are still being affected by the measure, Trouw said.

'We are not talking about a lot of students, but about a principle, and this is very serious,' said one MP for the D66 liberal party. Both D66 and the Socialist party want ministers to explain the current situation.

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Readers' Comments

Currently , Dutch IND rejects Iranians MVV request not only in nuclear field, but also in almost all eng. sections for all Iranian expats. I am pipeline engineer, I have received 4 offers in April 2012 and selected Dutch company offer and canceled the rest. I have resigned from my former to start the new one. After 6 months of being hold in anxiety my MVV request has been rejected. I lost all my opportunities, my job, and also now there is gap in my CV. I lost my everything in less than 6 months. Pipeline engineering is not a state of art technology. Why we should be punished for my government actions which I totally disagree and oppose them?

By Alireza | 25 February 2013 4:29 PM

I am Iranian expat working in oil & gas. We would be very happy if they let us to work just doing these paper works. But this is not right. Dutch IND rejects all MVV request from Iranian knowledge migrants in all oil & gas related and some other sectors. Look, I am not talking nuclear just oil & gas. This is really discriminatory. Why poor Iranian expats shall be hit just because of some idiots guilty actions somewhere around the world?!! Why no other EU countries or even not USA has set such restrictive measures?

By Hamid | 25 February 2013 4:49 PM

"It is about principle"...It probably is. BUT you have to ask yourself if, in the matter of this principle do you relinguish the principle to protect your citizens from well-documented states that oppose western countries, that are building well-documented nuclear capabilities, and are known for their well-documented lies. Justice is suppose to be blind but not in this manner. Com'on Dutch courts, give us a break. Can we come back to the judges and hold them responsible when something terrible happens because of their ruling? The Dutch have a good reason to demonstrate against this ruling and I hope someone does.

By roland | 25 February 2013 5:04 PM

@Roland: You are right,if talking about Iranian government but you missed that the people are being punished instead of the regime. The international community has adequately opposed the regime by several measures. But if you mean Iranian people, juts please explain me how this kind of collective punishment may help stopping Iran regime nuclear program. Iranian people are victims of the government and oppose its behavior. It is fair to punish somebody for somebody else aggressive actions, is it?

By Hamid | 26 February 2013 5:38 AM

Many countries also discriminated iranian students, not only NL. Europeans generally discriminate all kinds of citizens in this world except themselves. They are building a fortress here. Try to go China and you will have better luck.

By ufo | 26 February 2013 9:03 AM

@ufo: I am not informed from EU countries directives in general but in this case I Am sure that no other EU countries has set such measures against Iranian nationals. China do not allow immigrants and bears the consequences to be recognized as confined undemocratic country. If Netherlands is going on the same path as China, OK they can decide. I don't know, I may try Norway but I had been really annoyed by these directives.

By Hamid | 26 February 2013 12:03 PM

Why have successive Dutch governments thought themselves above the law?

By groverpm | 26 February 2013 6:48 PM

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