Several MPs will refuse to swear oath of allegiance to new king

At least two MPs from the Socialist Party have said they will not swear allegiance to King Willem-Alexander at his investiture in April because they are republicans.

Sadet Karabulut and Farshad Bashir say they already swore an oath when they became MPs and will not attend the ceremony on April 30 to go through the process again.

Willem-Alexander will be inaugurated as king in front of all the members of the upper and lower houses of parliament. During the ceremony, all 225 parliamentarians take it turns to say: ‘I swear to maintain your inviolability and the rights of your kingship.’


According to Nos television, a number of other SP politicians are considering avoiding the ceremony, as are the two MPs for the animal rights PvdD.

They are said to be consulting legal experts about what the ‘rights of kingship’ mean. If this means the king can hunt animals, then they too will boycott the ceremony.

Nos says there are no consquences attached to any refusal to swear the oath and the inauguration will continue as normal.