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Family doctors vote in favour of digital patient record system

Wednesday 06 February 2013

The national family doctors' association LHV voted in favour of supporting the new digital patient record system at a meeting of branch organisations in Utrecht on Tuesday night.

Of the 23 branches, 16 voted in favour, two abstained and five, including Amsterdam, voted against.

The LHV is the biggest family doctors’ organisation in the country, with some 11,500 members. Despite the vote in favour, it will still be up to individual doctors to decide if they want to participate.

Since January 1, patients are being asked if they want to opt in to the system, which allows other healthcare professionals to access their records. The aim is to increase efficiency and reduce medical errors.

So far, some 400,000 people have agreed to be included.

The smaller VPH, which has 650 members, is planning to take legal action against the new system, which it says has serious implications for patient privacy.

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Readers' Comments

The dprs is all about controling all aspects of your life. Doctors become de facto police for the sake of insurance company profits. Huisarts should be very careful as should the general public. Remember, all information on the net can and will be used against you!

By bignobody | 6 February 2013 8:35 AM

I do hope that it never becomes public knowledge that I suffer from 'Saturday Night Palsy'.

By Highlander | 6 February 2013 2:36 PM

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