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'At least 13 doctors who have been struck off are still treating patients'

Sunday 17 February 2013

At least 13 doctors and therapists who have been banned from practising in the Netherlands and Britain, are continuing to work, RTL news said at the weekend.

Nine of the doctors and therapists were struck off in the Netherlands and four in Britain, RTL news said. Some of them are working in the Netherlands as alternative therapists and psychologists.

One runs a clinic in Rotterdam where he treats cancer patients, the broadcaster said. Another doctor is working as a family practitioner in Germany and one is a plastic surgeon in Belgium.


The doctors were banned from practising for sexual abuse, prescribing the wrong medicine, making mistaken diagnoses and carrying out breast enlargement surgery which went wrong.

One doctor had treated patients while drunk and another had injected patients with cell-based treatements which had only been tested on animals.

A spokesman for the health ministry told RTL efforts are under way to ensure the doctors struck off in Britain are also banned from working in the Netherlands.


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Readers' Comments

So there are banned Dutch doctors working abroad and there are banned British doctors working in the Netherlands. Why o why is it that I am pretty sure only the Dutch will get the blame for all those cases?

By pepe | 17 February 2013 5:54 PM

whew...the 'European Union' sure does't look very unified to me. Good luck.

By Z | 17 February 2013 8:38 PM

Doctors struck of the list? January 2008 was my last visit, why? Three visits + modern meds, 'no remedy, 'took alternative meds & cured within 3 days :)

So long doctors are pro big pharma & have little or no knowledge in the use of natural meds, I'll not bother unless it's an emergency!

What's next? - Struck off dentists & lawyers?

By The visitor | 18 February 2013 8:13 PM

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