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The Netherlands in grip of mild flu epidemic

Friday 04 January 2013

The Netherlands is in the grip of a mild flu epidemic, particularly affecting children, according to health research institute Nivel.

The definition of a mild epidemic is one in which at least 51 out of 100,000 people report to their family doctor with flu-like symptoms. That was the case over the past two weeks, Nivel said.

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Readers' Comments

What about all the people who dont even bother phoning the doctor as the only cure for flu is rest anyway? I phoned the doctor once for flu like symptoms lasting for two weeks, I didnt even get an appointment, the assistant told me to take paracetemol, and wait another 2 weeks at least before phoning again.
So 51 people in the dutch society probably means at least 1000% more than that are really sick with the flu...go figure

By VC | 4 January 2013 1:01 PM

There is no cure for flu except your immune system. An overdose of vitamin C + water therapy for 3 to 4 days will speed up the process of becoming well: it will also get rid of a lasting cough caused by the flu..I know this as I'm a smoker ;)

3 x day: mix juice of 2 lemons, honey & cold water plus 1,000mg vitamin C. A glass of water every hour!

By The visitor | 4 January 2013 4:46 PM

One can stop the transmission by just using common sense and washing hands, using tissues when sneezing and blowing (and not your finger), and for god's sake stop the hand-shaking. First thing my doctor wants to do is shake my hand and I know they are not washing their hands in between seeing patients! I keep hand sanitizer with me at all times!

By M | 5 January 2013 1:32 PM

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