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Cut drug prices for rare diseases, minister tells pharmaceutical firms

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Drugs companies must cut the price of medicines for two rare diseases to 'acceptable levels' to ensure they remain in the basic health insurance package, health minister Edith Schippers said on Wednesday.

She wants drugs firms Genzyme and Shire to cut the cost of their treatments for the diseases Pompe and Fabry, and says negotiations must be completed before the summer.

The health insurance advisory council CVZ caused a storm of protest last summer when it said medicines for the two diseases should not be covered any longer but later softened its stand, saying the minister should aim for a price cut.

Medicine to treat Pompe costs between €400,000 and €700,000 per patient per year, while the Fabry drugs cost €200,000.

'A satisfactory outcome from these talks is essential to ensure the continuation of the funding of these orphan medicines,' the minister said in a briefing to parliament.

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Readers' Comments

I guess Health Minister Schippers is trying to appear on the side of the overburdened tax payers. It's nice that she is lobbying for a reduction in these diseases -- diseases which effect approximately one in sixty thousand (mostly males); however, it would be nice if she lobbied the insurance companies to reduce their premiums. That would have an even larger impact on costs and improve her tarnished image.

By Quince | 30 January 2013 5:16 PM

Cut drug prices for rare diseases, minister tells pharmaceutical firms. Unforchantly coming to Holland, from Switzerland bring my computers and data with me to work as Freelance, one project was a cure for malaria, not a vaccine but a cure. This involved blocking a key enzyme in the breakdown of glucose, the only source of energy for the malaria bug. On presenting my data to pharmaceutical firms I was told they are not interested in a cure.

By Terence Hale | 30 January 2013 5:37 PM

I can hardly wit to see what Sangamo Biosciences comes up with for these diseases in the not so distant future.
"Engineering for Cures". Fabrys and Pompe are pre-clinical targets. How long the wait??? anyones guess.

By MineMan | 31 January 2013 9:48 PM

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