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Fundamentalist Christian party to allow women MPs - on paper

Monday 14 January 2013

The fundamentalist Christian party SGP is to change its rules so that women are no longer automatically excluded from standing for political office, the party says on its website.

The revised rules, which still have to be approved by members, state that sex should no longer be a deciding factor when selecting candidates for parliament or local councils.

However, the SGP, which believes the Netherlands should be governed according to Biblical principles, will not alter its basic principles on different roles for men and women, the website states. This means women will still effectively be excluded from political functions.


The Dutch supreme court and European Court of Human Rights earlier ordered the party to give women the right to stand as MPs and councillors. The SGP has three seats in the 150-seat parliament.

The European Court said in its ruling last July ‘the advancement of the equality of the sexes is today a major goal in the member States of the Council of Europe’, and that ‘very weighty reasons’ would have to be put forward to justify different treatment on the grounds of sex.

The SGP took its case to the European Court after the Dutch supreme court ruled in 2010 the party must allow women to stand for election and that the state has a duty to ensure they have this right in practice. It argued freedom of religion was more important than equal rights for men and women.

Women have been able to join the SGP as 'extraordinary members' since 1996 but so far none have done so, the NRC reported.

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Readers' Comments

Nobody is forcing women who want to go into politics to run for office under this particular party.. so if this party wants to function like this, it should be allowed to.

By kakos | 14 January 2013 5:04 PM

Men have been dominating women since time began: anything that carries the word, 'fundamentalist' or any similarity is unhealthy for all society..especially women. We should cooperate with one another, it's the only way to have peace. :)

By The visitor | 14 January 2013 11:00 PM

Fundamentalist Christian party to allow women MPs - on paper. It was first 27 November 1990 in Appenzell Innerrhoden Switzerland that women were allowed to vote. It’s also in this region that cats and dogs are eaten. I wonder, are there many cat and dogs in Benthuizen?

By Terence Hale | 15 January 2013 4:18 AM

Perhaps, they see it this way, we don't need immigration if woman raised more children, an old fashioned Christian principal, a woman should be available to raise her family at home, not run government. There is a point here, and because it is necessary these days to rely too much on immigration, working mothers should be rewarded by government to stay at home and populate their country. Is this such an absurd idea? I do hope that they stand by their principals, and ignore the feminist rage. Feminism, in these times is destroying our society's.


By Highlander | 15 January 2013 4:03 PM

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