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Father of murdered girl gets Dutch communications prize

Wednesday 09 January 2013

The Machiavelli prize 2012, given annually for 'exceptional communication qualities', has been awarded to Bauke Vaatstra, father of murdered teenager Marianne Vaatstra.

The jury said Vaatstra's determination to keep the case in the public eye finally led to his daughter's killer being caught.

A Frisian farmer was arrested for the murder in November, 13 years after Marianne Vaatstra was raped and killed. He was tracked down after police organised a mass dna test on men living close to where the girl's body was found.

Vaatstra's continued efforts to ensure dna testing was carried out helped change the law, which has also brought other cold cases closer to conclusion, the jury said.

Earlier winners of the prize include princess Maxima and former national football coach Bert van Marwijk.

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Readers' Comments

Sorry , but DNA test sounds right now like justice!! It is not like that you find DNA of someone and you can be sure, no DNA means that someone was there , it could be also accidentally. Better never forget about this small differences.

By saa | 9 January 2013 5:06 PM

@saa. The girl was raped (did you miss that part?) I don't think the DNA sample was 'accidently there'. Thank goodness we now have the technology to match this sample to the rapist, or the man (I use that term very lightly) could have lived out the rest of his life completely free. I'm glad the poor parents can finally start to get some closure on this tragic incident.

By osita | 10 January 2013 6:29 PM

@saa: With a little punctuation, I might be able to grasp what you're trying to say. But as it is, I'm not.

By Pannekoek | 11 January 2013 8:41 AM

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