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Queen's speech leaks out early thanks to a computer slip

Monday 24 December 2012

A government computer error led to queen Beatrix’ traditional Christmas speech being circulated on Monday, a day earlier than planned.

Viewer Anne Jan Roeleveld was able to download the video after going to the royal family website and then changing the date on the url of the most recent royal video.

‘When I heard the queen talking about trust I knew enough,’ Roeleveld told news agency ANP.

Earlier on the Monday, the state information service said trust would be theme of this year’s speech.


In the speech, the queen thanks people for the support her family has been given since prince Friso’s skiing accident, ANP said. She also calls for trust in the rule of law.

The rule of law is the basis for a just society, Beatrix says.

‘Openness and tolerance are an important basis for trust. Through the centuries our society has taken its strength from the presence of people from different cultures and religious backgrounds. Tolerance has made our country strong.’

The state information service has refused to comment on the leak. In 2011, parts of the budget leaked out early because of the same mistake.

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Readers' Comments

HRH QB speech has been always wellcome because its normally a learning experience for the public officials to follow the lead and not the popular sounsbites in this age of SMS, tweeter and facebook where expressing your private opinion in public has become more important than speaking common sense. When HRH QB speaks the public listens and the main reason is that most public citizens are familiar that we are all learning and accepting the social, cultural and moral values of a common society in public because of respect for one another, and this QB speech is good start for the new year. we wish better times for the Royal family and for prince Frisco to recover soon. Best wishes 2013

By Joe Bloggs | 25 December 2012 1:09 PM

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