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Plofkip is the new word of 2012 as well

Monday 31 December 2012

Plofkip – literally exploding chicken – has been voted new word of the year by the readers of Onze Taal magazine.

Plofkip is used to describe factory farmed chickens which have grown so fast they cannot support their own weight. It took 44% of the votes.

Second in the Onze Taal poll was appen – to use apps – with 14%. Third was pandapunt – or panda point – on 12%. Panda points are ‘collected’ by youngsters and refer to a month without sex.

The Van Dale dictionary poll for word of the year earlier this month resulted in a completely different line-up.

In its online vote, Project X-feest was voted word of the year. Bangalist – a list of easy girls – was second and inbrekersrisico – the risks attached to being a burglar - was third

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Readers' Comments

Plofkip=44% Hope that is a protest vote against Dutch factory farms. Then another poll shows...
Project X-feest, Bangalist & inbrekersrisico are the best NL new words.
Erm... Taxi!

By Anne Onymous | 1 January 2013 1:57 AM

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