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Airline KLM to cut workforce by 3,000 jobs, says Telegraaf

Monday 03 December 2012

Airline KLM plans to cut its workforce by 10%, or 3,000 jobs, in order to reduce costs, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.

The paper bases its claim on an interview with personnel chief Wim Kooijman, who says the jobs will go by 2015 and that so far compulsory redundancies are unlikely, as agreed with the unions.

At partner airline Air France, 5,000 jobs are at stake, the paper said.

KLM is currently in talks with unions on a new pay and conditions agreement but the negotiations have been going on for several months without result.


This weekend, the Sunday Times reported Air France-KLM may be involved in a bid to buy part of British airline Virgin.

The paper says partner airline Delta is in talks to buy the 49% stake in Virgin currently owned by Singapore Airlines. Air France-KLM could be involved to ensure majority ownership, the paper said.

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Readers' Comments

I don't understand why KLM on one hand they are laying off folks and the other hand they are wanting to buy into another airline and get deeper in debt. Why not just try and keep the folks you have and keep up the good service?

By dee | 3 December 2012 12:01 PM

The high airport taxes have also been playing a roll..€350 on a long haul flight? - insane!!

By The visitor | 3 December 2012 12:46 PM

This is a shame. I find KLM to be better than most EU or American airlines, and their staff to be generally friendlier than most. There are always exceptions, but all in all I like flying KLM. So thanks to the KLM flight attendants that make the effort. Now United on the other hand.... ;)

By DH | 4 December 2012 8:06 AM

@DH: I also like KLM and fly it often, but honestly... to say they are better than most EU airlines and friendlier than most is really farfetched! In my view KLM is reliable, has a good network but has an old fleet and staff is sometimes less friendly than other airlines

By the_expat | 4 December 2012 11:22 AM

@the_expat: You could tell us which airlines are those?? We cannot compare without names.

By Gio | 4 December 2012 7:02 PM

KLM is more friendly & courteous to passengers that speak Dutch, 6 long hauls to date, great service!

(KLM have the only direct flight from Europe (Schiphol) to Manila, still! At the moment €890 month return economy, - 12.5 hours):D

(Am ex KLM'er)

By The visitor | 4 December 2012 8:36 PM

So sorry for people that may lose their job due to greed (money) and power issue.
Taxes are also incredibly ridiculous.

By Dave Blevins | 5 December 2012 3:24 PM

Most of the Asian and Middle-east airlines are doing well. I regularly travel to Amsterdam. I had very bad experience with KLM/Air France code share flights. Their Ground-handling staff were clueless and irresponsible. Flight attendance were the least friendlier. Food was horrible.

Best is Emirates and Singapore airlines. I don't know how KLM is going to compete with those asian and middle eastern airlines.

By lankamate | 9 December 2012 3:24 AM

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