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New cabinet to stop registering second nationalities

Friday 16 November 2012

The new cabinet is planning to stop the registration of second nationalities in the official births register, home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk has announced.

At the moment, babies with a second nationality have that automatically registered, even if the parents don't want this to happen. 'The cabinet is meeting the wishes of people with dual nationality who do not wish to be continually confronted with it,' the ministry statement said.

Stopping registration will not lead to the child losing his or her other nationality, which is a matter for that country's laws, the statement said.

The proposal has been sent to the Raad van State advisory body for its recommendations.

A good move? Share your thoughts using the comment box below.

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Readers' Comments

Does it also mean that people applying for the Dutch Nationality will not have to "give up" their current nationality?

By Jon | 16 November 2012 3:08 PM

Definitely. Babys iborn in Dutchieland will not be Dutch but not (really) Dutch, i.e. Allochtonen. That's just as discriminating as the N-word. When I lived in Dutchieland I was not permitted to forget that I was an inferior being.

By Husserl | 16 November 2012 6:42 PM

About time they stopped this, and while they are at it they should stop the recording of a baby's religion at registration too.

By jaycee | 16 November 2012 8:13 PM

I think that is a positive development. If someone is Dutch on birth, extra nationalities shouldn't be recognized, acknowledged or registered on Dutch documents.

By Andre L. | 16 November 2012 10:53 PM

very stupid idea! if my partner is dutch and i'm not, of course we want our baby to have both nationalities.. I don't understand why governments make such a big deal about giving away the citizenship.. Especially a country like NL as its population is not really growing..

By someone | 18 November 2012 9:08 PM

@Jon, this measure has nothing to do with naturalization. Being a small country with a relatively large population of foreigners (myself being one of them), I think Netherlands should be very strict in regards of naturalization, demanding renunciation of other citizenship as a pre-condition for naturalization.

A permanent residency card gives almost all rights, from access to social programs to position as court petitioners, except some positions in public employment, participation on the military and voting.

By Andre L. | 18 November 2012 10:17 PM

Luckily not everybody agrees with you, Andre.

Like I've said over and over again, I didn't choose one country nor did I reject another. I chose a man. And I had to make a pragmatic decision to move to live with him.

I deserve the right to vote for issues than affect me and my family...and I refuse to have a different nationality than my only (adult) child.

Unless, of course, the government would allow me to sponsor him to live here...which will never happen. Are you surprised, anti-immigrant advocates? The doors aren't as wide open as you think...

By CW | 19 November 2012 10:57 AM

@Jon, the new dutch government has decided not to go forward with eliminating dual nationality so at the moment you can have both.

By T | 19 November 2012 2:41 PM

@Andre because of such comments, I whole hearedly hope that Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia will take a similar stand a force all Dutch nationals living in those countries and bearing a 2nd i.e. Dutch nationality to be stripped of it immediately. This double standard has to stop.

By Michael | 19 November 2012 4:12 PM

@Andre, FYI. A verblijfsvergunning gives a non-EU resident of NL NO rights in UK or Ireland as they are non Schengen and therefore do not recognise this pieces of Dutch plastic. You must enter those countries as if you were coming from outside of Europe--including going to the non EU queue and be treated like a dog. Pls do your research first before making such comments.

By Michael | 20 November 2012 5:42 PM

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