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Fewer teaching jobs at Dutch schools

Wednesday 28 November 2012

The number of people employed at Dutch primary and secondary schools fell by over 7,000 last year, according to education institute DUO.

In 2010, schools had a total workforce of 303,660, but that had fallen to 296,460 by October 2011.

Although some schools have merged, which leads to job losses, the figures show many jobs have gone, a spokesman for teaching union AOb told website nu.nl.

New teachers

The loss of teaching jobs is affecting newly qualified teachers. For example, the number of people aged under 25 working in primary education has fallen by 21% over the past year.

'It is absurd that teacher numbers are falling as the number of pupils increases,' the AOb spokesman said. 'Schools get extra money per pupil but it is being spent on hidden costs like higher employment and pension premiums.'

The average age at which teachers now retire has gone up from 61 to 63.

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Readers' Comments

Gross headcount is declining, but what about Full Time Equivalent headcount? Many teachers in Holland are part time. Perhaps this is changing as fewer individuals take on more work. This would not be a bad thing, as full-time teachers would likely be more skilled and professional and committed than part-timers.

By Ben | 29 November 2012 12:06 AM

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