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Cabinet will not support higher UN status for Palestinian Authority

Thursday 15 November 2012

The Netherlands will not support a request to boost the status of the Palestinian Authority within the UN, foreign minister Frans Timmermans said on Thursday.

The Palestinian Authority wants to be allowed to attend UN general assemblies as a 'non-member state', the same status as the Vatican. At the moment it is classed as a 'non-member entity'.

'Although there are no legal objections to the change in status, the cabinet considers the net effect would be negative,' Timmermans said in a statement.

This will not contribute to the peace process, he said.

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Readers' Comments

How long israeli will keep killing people and violating human rights in a land who don´t belong to them ? After the Nazi war this is a shame our generation will bring to life.

By Carlos Eiffel | 15 November 2012 4:06 PM

Of course, not many Jews would like Palestine to be granted any recognition, and many Jews have a lot of power to influence decisions like this one.
Of course Palestine should be admitted.

By sam | 15 November 2012 4:13 PM

Why is Palestine treated so harshly,1945, it was a Country...then they had it taken away from them...now they are treated no better than animals......and people wonder why there angry..the world was united in it's condemnation of apartheid, but not many speak up for Palastine...Why is that?

By martin | 15 November 2012 4:20 PM

What peace process?

By Cal | 15 November 2012 4:21 PM

ik ben zeer teleurgesteld door de beslissing van dit cabinet inzake the status van Palestina. Mijn conclusie: het geld regeert! De Israelische lobby is te krachtig.

By herman koeter | 15 November 2012 5:19 PM

Palestinians do not deserve a state as long as they keep hating Jews and Israel

By mel | 15 November 2012 7:26 PM

@Carlos, How long palestinian terrorists will keep killing israeli people and violating human rights in a land who don´t belong to them?

By Eric | 15 November 2012 8:27 PM

Of course you cannot recognize the arab-Israelis as a seperate country, they already have one- Israel! And from within the area they live they've managed to fire over 275 rockets in the last few days. Not support? Not far enough We must condemn the attacks and reuire the PA to take real peace initiatives.

By bet | 15 November 2012 8:31 PM

Let's see, the PA praises Hamas terrorist leader Jabari as a martyr. I'd say praising terrorists is a good reason to not be invited to the UN assemblies.

By Sam | 16 November 2012 8:35 AM

why can't we all just get along?

By the exile | 16 November 2012 8:58 AM

@Herman, good on you for following the tradition of "Jewish money". Maybe you want to come over to my home on Passover to see how I make matza bread with Christian kids' blood?

By T | 16 November 2012 10:09 AM


The reciprocal is equally true:

Jews do not deserve a state as long as they keep hating Arabs...

[very brave of DNews to allow comments on such an emotionally flammable topic]

By A. | 16 November 2012 10:53 AM

one mans terrorist is another mans fredom fighter,and...its terrorism.if you fire a rocket...but if you drop bombs from a jet...its ok?

By martin | 16 November 2012 3:34 PM

May God bless the Netherlands for standing firm in its position. Hamas started the rocket attacks on Israel, not vice versa.

By Paula Frickey | 16 November 2012 6:40 PM

the israelis were oppressed and now have become the oppressors!
Palestinians do deserve a state....

By jenny | 16 November 2012 7:57 PM

No country can tolerate rockets being lounged against it.
The arab people there are calling for the destruction of the Jews,such a group of people ie the PA shouldn't be allowed in the UN.
And if you see the history, Jew have always been living there.

By Kiran Mathew Thomas | 16 November 2012 10:26 PM

The Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian politicians rejected statehood in 1937 (the Peel commission under Britain), in 1948 (the Palestinian Arabs rejected the U.N. offer for statehood at the time), and the Palestinian Arab government rejected and refused to become a state again at the Camp David accords under Clinton and Labor/left leader Barak.

The Palestinian Authority, as proven by their rejection of statehood every time without exception statehood was offered to them, whether a Palestinian State was offered to them by the British, United Nations, by Israel at Camp David, shows that the Palestinian Authority has no interest in becoming a peaceful state: Hamas and Fatah & CIA/SDI/DHS simply want to retain power over the Israelis & Palestinians.

By The One | 18 November 2012 5:23 PM

Thank you DutchNews for posting comments like these - other media are not so open. Here in Australia, I had friends from both sides. One was throwing stones at Israeli armour and ran back to Shatila to find his entire extended family piled in his homes doorway, throats cut... The other did the air photos for the 67 war and he talked about a kill-ratio that scared me. Every time this war breaks out I watch as this casualty ratio builds to that 100:1 ratio, again and again. I do not care who is to blame, I just want the killing to stop on both sides - NOW!

By Max Harmreduction | 18 November 2012 8:05 PM

Wow. You need to do some reading. Perhaps do some research about what conditions those statehood deals were offered with, and then you will understand why they were rejected.

By believe it | 19 November 2012 7:42 AM

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