Farmers can’t meet demand for organic milk

Demand for organic milk is so strong there will be a shortage of 25 million litres this year, according to supplier Eko-Holland.

Organic milk now accounts for 6% of total consumption, an increase of 25% this year, according to the farming economic institute Lei.
Milk is currently imported from Belgium, Britain and Denmark to meet demand, Lei said.
Accountancy Accon Avm says in Tuesday’s Trouw, organic dairy farmers get between nine and 14 cents a litre more for organic milk.
The demand for organic milk means 30 to 40 farmers a year could make the switch, but only 15 currently do so.
‘Organic production means yields go down, and that means farmers have to make a mental switch after years of being told production must go up,’ Accon’s Bram Kruijning told the paper.
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