Zeeland has third lowest jobless rate in Europe

The southern Dutch province of Zeeland has an unemployment rate of just 2.7%, the third lowest in Europe, according to research by the European statistics agency Eurostat.

Two Austrian provinces, Salzburg and Tirol have a lower jobless rate at just 2.5%.
The province of Utrecht has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe at 6.2%. Three German states and one Austrian province have fewer youngsters out of work.
Earlier this week, Eurostat said the Dutch unemployment rate is 5.1%, the second lowest in the EU, behind Austria (4.1%).
The average unemployment rate throughout the EU is 11.1% – or 17.5 million people. Spain has the highest jobless total at nearly 25% while the Greek rate rose to almost 22% over the past year, Eurostat says.
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